Written by andrew

6 Dec 2006

whilst out for a drive on my own dressed in my wifes black thong, bra,suspenders & stockings and my own just above the knee length satin pencil skirt black top and black jacket with black court shoes i decided to pull over at the local bargin booze car park. i did this becuse one suspender had come off the stocking and was irateing me. i adjusted and got cumfy ready to drive on when i felt thirsty. getting exited about daring to go in the shop for a drink i had ten pound in the car. it was ten fifteen so it was quite & the shop about to shut i made my move i got out locked the car walked sthraight in got three largers and turned to the counter. whilst walking towards the counter the male & female assistancs just looked on mouths open. i paid stepped back asked if they liked the out fit and left feeling great.i then grove to a quite area locked the doors turned on the interier light opend two cans & drank them whilst listening to the radio.not knowing two peple watching me.i got exited when i heard a mans voice say nice legs and a woman reply yes better than mine. at this point i nvited them in and shared what was left of the larger.without any delay the man in the back asked if i luvly legs would like to get in the back his wife userd me in the back in seconds his dick was in my mouth & his wife sucking me off. i came first so he withdrew and went up my bum as his wife encuraged us both to enjoy. he soon cum cum & cum it was great. he then sat & watched me finish off on his wife. we said goodbye and left the area.