Written by Simon and Katy

19 Apr 2004

Simon and I have never actually visited a 'dogging' site as such, we've obviously been experimenting with me being fucked by other guys... but looking at this website certainly has aroused our curiousity!!! We checked out the 'dogging sites' section and decided that we would give it a go. We often meet in various laybys in the area and love fucking in (on and around!) the car, so we figured that dogging would just be like that, but more of a turn on as we would be being watched.

We waited till it was dark one night and drove to one our local 'sites'. There was one car at the far end of the car park, but we couldn't see any signs of life and no one else was around. We were a bit disappointed, but weren't going to waste the opportunity for doing what we love best, so we pulled in anyway and Simon quickly pulled my head down onto his cock. I love sucking him and feeling him grow rock hard in my mouth, and I could tell from the gasps and moans that he was enjoying it too. I was really getting into it, loving the feeling of his whole shaft in my mouth, reaching deep into my throat. He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth harder...."Katy" he said, "someone's watching". I went to pull my head up from his cock, but he pushed it back down and held it tight as he pushed me up and down on his cock. I couldn't even move my head to see who was outside the car, but I could tell that Simon was finding a major turn on, so I just kept going. When he realised that I wasn't going to stop he quickly slipped a hand inside my top and started rubbing my tits. Didn't take long before he came hard in my mouth and I drank him dry.

As I sat up, I could see someone outside the car, could just make out his shape n the dark, but could tell he was wanking... was a real turn on that he had found it so sexy. Simon was certainly not finished and was still hard, so he climbed over the seat on top of me, Pushing up my skirt and finding I was wearing no knickers (just the way he likes me!)he pushed my legs up so my knees were just about round my ears! He slowly pushed his rock hard cock into me, savouring every second as we both watched him disappearing into my soaking wet pussy. he reached behind him and switched on the interior light of the car and I let out a groan as he collapsed onto me and rammed into me up to the hilt. He began slowly withdrawing and coming out of me, then thrusting all the way into me so I could his whole length sliding in and out. He unzipped my top and unclipped my bra, exposing my tits, we bent his head and sucked them till I was on the brink of cumming. Then he pushed my shoulders down into the seat and started fucking me harder and harder. as I turned my head, I could see that there was still someone outside the car. He was closer now and was bending over leaning on the car with one hand, peering in at us, with the other hand he was frantically wanking himself. I couldn't really concentrate on what he was doing, with Simon pounding me the way he was...so I just let go and enjoyed the best fuck I've had for ages. The fact that the guy was outside being so turned on by us, just made it better. I begged Simon to make me cum, to fuck me harder and faster and he did! I could feel myself slipping into my orgasm as it started to take over my whole body, the waved seemed to go on forever and as I shuddered and came, Simon thrust into me one last time and shot his load deep inside me. It was so intense, neither of us could speak.....we both just sat back in our seats and drove off in silence. Don't know what happened to the guy outside, but I hope he enjoyed it as much as we both did! We'll definitely do it again and maybe next time we can find somewhere a bit busier and see if anyone would want to join in!