Written by Mark / Anna

7 Oct 2004

My wife and I had a fantasy about being watched during sex in the car.we had no idea of how to make it happen until I saw this web site. Nervously I logged on and Emailed a male from the list. I told Anna ( my wife ) and we both kept an eye on the Emails for a response. When it came it was from a man in his forties. we are both in our twenties Anna was excited and scared. After several Emails with the man (John ) we arranged to meet in a Pub. Anna put on her short skirt stockings heels and a low cut blowse. We arrived at the pub and went in. It was very busy and we had no idea who we were going to meet. John came over and introduced himself confident that we were the couple by what Anna was wearing. He was a tall thick set man . He had a good sense of humour and put us both at ease.Awkwardly we talked of Sex and what we all wanted from the evening. John went off to the tiolet giving Myself and Anna chance to say what we thought. We agreed that this was safe and we would try it. John returned and Anna went to the tiolet I chatted with John who was very keen as Anna is size 10 long legs and sexy looking.On her return she sat facing me and John,we had our backs to a wall so Anna had her back to the crowded pub.Anna slowly hitched her skirt up so we could see her stocking tops she then opened her legs a little so we caught sight of her Black lacy Knickers .By this time Me and John had stopped talking and were staring down. Anna on seeing the reaction felt confident enough to put her hand down and pull her knickers over to the side showing us her shiny slit ( she is part shaved ) she then rubbed up the slit gently. She stopped and put her skirt back down .Anna told us she was ready to go to the car park now,but before we left John asked Anna if he could smell her finger. Watching John sniffing and licking her finger really turned me on.We went out got in our car and followed John for a short distance to a quiet car park .No other cars or people were in so John got out of his car and came over to my window which was open. Anna had hitched her skirt up and was again stroking over her pussy on the outside of her knickers. She asked John what he wanted her to do next. He told me to put my fingers inside her Knickers and see how turned on she was . I did as he asked and Anna sank down on to my fingers she was really wet and her breathing was getting faster.John undid his Zip and pulled out his rock hard cock it was a good size .Anna was looking at it as i continued to play with her .John went to her window which was now open and leant in .I opened Anna top and she had no bra on her tits sat on her heaving chest and shone in the moonlight.I removed her knickers and took her skirt off she was close to climax she asked John to play with her nipples which he did he even sucked on them .I took my cock out and told her to suck it she did this very well I was finding it hard to stretch to her pussy so I asked if she minded John doing it for her. She told John to be gentle he put his hand between her legs and started to push inside her. She told me topen the door so she could stretch out. We did this and her pussy was on display for john to see he was still fingering her as I stroked her tits and nipples. John asked if she wanted licking. Anna just grabbed his head and pulled him to her pussy .This was fantastic to watch another man licking my wifes pussy .She was panting and told John not to stop as she was going to cum .She told john to get a condom on quickly as she wanted him to shag her to climax. He knelt between her legs and pushed his cock straight into her wet pussy and started to thrust hard Anna came with violent Jerks. John pulled out took the condom off and shot his load all over her wet pussy lips. Anna looked up at me and indicated that she wanted to go now. I thanked John and we drove off .We have had no further contact but our sex together has never been better .So if you are thinking of trying it and are not sure just go do it you will enjoy it