Written by keith

11 Oct 2005

jenny and i love reading the stories on this site, and get very turned on by them,we like to wank and suck each other while reading them and end up having really good dirty sex.

to my surprise and shock one night she said i would like someone to watch us fuck in the car, i was a bit worried but the thought turned me on so much in the end i agreed.

she really dressed for the occasion, wearing a very short silk nighty which when she moved at all her tits fell out of, stockings suspenders a tiny pair of silk panties and 4"killer heels. we went to a local spot i had read about on this site, swiched on the interior light and started to play, she was laid back in the seat tits out legs open very wet silk knickers pulled to one side fingering herself with all four fingers, i was in heaven playing with her nipples and wanking my cock which she was also licking and sucking. her fingers were making lovely squelchy sounds and i could see her thighs were wet with her juice and we wernt even being wached yet. her fingers were going faster and faster then sudenly she came like i have never seen before, it shot out of her by at least a foot wetting her stockings and soaking her knickers i just came in her mouth which she swallowed i just had to dive down to her cunt and drink from her lovely slppery slot rubbing my face all over her wet cunt and soaked knickers. then i noticed a figure outside the car to be continude