Written by Mike and Pam

25 Mar 2004

We had heard many stories about the unimaginable things alleged to occur at "certain" remote car parks and woodland picnic areas during the night and we were curious to find about what goes on out there for ourselves, so after a bit of research and speaking to friends we decided to give it a try and here is what Pam and I have experienced there. Should you have doubts, you need only go to one of these parking areas on a warm night; things might not be as wild as we experienced, but beginning at about 11 p.m. you should nevertheless be able to have some interesting experiences for yourself!

There is one specific parking area on the edge of Yorkshire where the regulars know that couples go there to be watched having sex in their locked cars. Since this is a known fact, it is also expected that an audience will be present. Quite a few men wait around to watch and when a couple arrives and parks up they immediately group around the car and look inside, often pressing their faces on the glass. Apparently in their excitement, they have even been known to climb up onto the car to get a better look through the windscreen. They of course pull out their cocks and wank while watching, many of them then cum all over the car windows and doors. It is of course understandable that the car doors generally remain locked.

I have been there with Pam quite often. The first time, she was a bit scared (so was I), she wasn't feeling so good anyway so we just looked around and then drove home, but it bugged her. During the next few days she continued to think about the parking lot and imagined what might be going on out there, she wanted desperately to go back. So on a warm summer night we gave it another try. Pam put on one of her sexiest outfits and we drove out there again. I guess I don't need to say that I was really excited.

We arrived at the parking lot and parked the car switching on the interior light; a group of men gathered around the car immediately, pushed and shoved, trying to get a better view as I played with Pam. It wasn’t very long before they pulled out their cocks and began to stroke their hardening shafts. We messed around in the locked car for a few minutes, aroused by the thought of our audience. Pam had brought her dildo along and played with it a little while the guys continued to collect around the car. Then she surprised me. She said, "Come on..." and opened the door and got out. She was wearing only a tiny mini skirt with no underwear and a thin transparent blouse, of course with nothing underneath. It was a warm summer evening and there were probably about 20 men there, 15 or more of them standing directly around the car. Some of the stepped back in surprise, amazed that that she had dared to get out of the car.

She confidently lit a cigarette and spoke with them briefly, some small talk and questions about other couples they had met at the picnic site, and then she put out her cigarette in a decisive fashion and looked into the group in the darkness. One of the men nervously reached out in the dark and touched her breast lightly. The other men saw that she didn't resist... within just a few seconds hands were all over her body, running through her hair, touching and then squeezing her breasts, fingers were probing under her skirt. She leaned back onto the car and let out a groan of pleasure. She let the men enjoy her body for several minutes, squirming with pleasure as their fingers probed her wet pussy.

Then she said, "OK, come on!"... she took me by the hand and walked with me to a wooden picnic table at the edge of the parking area, a beach bag in her hand. The men eagerly followed in the darkness. She had obviously planned for this, as she opened the beach bag and took out a bag full of condoms putting them on the table, then she pulled up her skirt and laid down on the edge of the table, her legs over the edge. The first of the men moved close to her, we all heard the sound of a rubber snapping over his hard cock and he pressed himself into her. She let out a loud gasp of pleasure and the fun began. Soon a line of men with their cocks in their hands formed behind him between her spread legs, each waiting for his turn...

Pam got fucked by 15-20 men, one after the other, some recovering and taking a second turn. I shot my load into her mouth several times, as the other men worked her body over with their hands. It was fantastic, like a dream. Many men just felt her body all over as she was being fucked, several just stood in the shadows and masturbated until they came. It was interesting to note that a few of them were so excited that they couldn't get a hardon, they just stood helplessly watching and playing with themselves, hoping for results. The line got longer, as soon as one of them groaned and pulled out the next one stepped forward, shoved his cock in and continued. There were two or three black guys there, Pam loves sex with black men. She came several times, very loudly and we had to hold her down onto the table (but she generally comes like that). The men worked on her for over two hours, until the friction from the rubbers began to burn in her and we had to stop.

We have found that the men out there are really OK and actually gentle people. One of them spent the whole time holding her head from underneath so that the wooden table didn't hurt. Others just gently stroked her arms or legs, or ran their fingers through her hair, as if they had never touched a woman before. It was surprising... if a single person over stepped the mark or became too rough, the others forced him back and protected her.

We go back there quite often in the summer time, but at the moment, whenever the weather allows it. We've got a bit smarter now and take some lubricant along to postpone the effects of the rubbers... it has been wonderful each time, often we end up chatting with the men for ages afterwards.