Written by Dee and Colin

13 Jan 2005

My hubby Colin have been married for a couple of years now, and he was the only bloke to have had me. Anyway I had the occasional Girls Night out with a friend of mine Bev, and we decided to go clubbing it. a great night out, a few drinks, plenty of dancing, this lad in particular. Dave, We had a few drinks and got on like a house on fire, we had a kiss and a fondle in a quiet corner, he was lovely, quite muscular, anyway he asked if I was married, and was I still with my husband? He wasn't put off by my answer, and he stated he wanted to have me that night! Phew this took me by surprise. I'd not even thought of another guy in this way before, Colin was the first and only one. Dave touched up, to the point I had love bites on my neck and around my boobs and I got very tempted, but thought of Colin back at home so I had to pass it off and go home.

On arrival at home, Colin wasin bed fast asleep, I undressed and slid in beside him. Colin stirred, asking how the night went on. I was beside myself, after a little persuation, I told Colin all about this lad, Dave. Colin by now was rather exited, and began to kiss and fondle me all over. I was soaking wet, as the conversation progessed, Colin noticed the love bites. I expected him to go beserk, especially where some of them were around my boobs, they had to have been done with my bra out of place. I got a shock when Colin said he would like me to have the experience of a fuck from another bloke, he entered me with ease as we was both eager. Needless to say it wasn't long before we both came.

Next day I wasn't sure what Colin thought, we talked about the previous night's escapade. Colin said he was still wanted me to try out somebody else, so we both agreed that next Saturday would be the night. I was encouraged to think dirty all week and I had to shave my fanny, Colin says it will be a treat for dave.

Colin came out with me that night, just to see what happens, no Bev. Sure enough Dave was there and came up to me asking me to dance, Colin gave the nod of encouragement, descreetly observing from a distance. Dave was on form again and he once again stated his wishes. After a little persuation from Dave's actions, I was up for it.

I spoke to Colin on my way to the toilet, he gave me the go ahead, and said enjoy yourself, and I had to tell all later at home in bed, I agree and said we would meet at home.

I left with Dave, full of nerves and exitement. We arrived at Dave's flat, only a few mins away by foot. After a coffee, and a fondle, Dave took me through to his bedroom, we both undressed. I couldn't take my eyes off his cock when he dropped his underpants. Wow!!! I thought Colin wasn't behind the door when it comes to size, but Dave must have been a good 8" fairly placid. We got into his bed and started kissing and playing with each other, by now Dave was stood up like a tentpole, and had a Big curcumcised head on it, I was intrigued by it as Colin a his skin on his that pulls back.

After a while Dave entered me, I gasped as he fed it in. When I took it all I felt so full it was extasy, Dave started to pump at me for what seemed like ages, I came twice before I was rolled onto my front and knelt at the edge of the bed, after at least another two orgasms, I felt Dave stiffen even more, he then began to unload what seemed to be gallons of his spunk deep inside of me.

I arrived home about 5.00 am Colin was beside himself as I told him all about the night, he quick;y stripped me off, panties last, they was wringing wet with Daves semen. Colin monted me and after a very short while added his semen to Dave's. It has opened up a whole new life for us, as I'm now allowed the occasional fuck with other men