Written by 4play

11 Sep 2006

It was december 2005, started work with a company and as part of their training i had to travel down to peterborough and stay for 2 weeks of training. As u probably know when your sat in a hotel with nowt else to do, the mind wanders and i thought to myself hey the hotel has a wireless network, i have my laptop lets get connected.

After a while of surfing, i decided to have a look through swinging heaven and specifically the area i was in. Like most guys i have wondered what it would be like to have another man even touch my cock and the fact that i was away from home helped me decide to look for a guy. Within 5 minutes i was talking to someone, his handle on here was desireUK. We exchanged a few msgs on email first then we chatted for a bit in msn messenger. desire told me he knew the exact hotel i was in and could be round in 15 mins and quite straight to the point he asked if i wanted to be lying on the bed naked with my door unlocked and have him come in, this was a bit of a shock to me and i said its probably best if we just go somewhere priv around the hotel(its in a well known dogging area in peterborough). We agreed that i would be out front and he would pick me up in his car.

I was nervous as hell standing outside in the freezing cold, i smoked the rest of the spliff that i had rolled earlier to try and calm me down but it wasnt working. I saw a car approaching from the main road and as it was about 11:30pm i knew it was him. He pulled up and i got into the car, he was just a normal straight looking guy like myself which at least calmed me down a bit. we headed further down into the car parking/picnic area which was behind the hotel and found an area with no other vehicles. Desire asked if i wanted to have fun in the car or outside, i thought it would be great if we went outside. we stepped into the bushes beside the car and he dropped to his knees in front of me, my legs were shaking at this point. He slowly pulled my tracksuit bottoms down to my thighs and moaned appreciatively as my cock dropped from its hiding place. he gently pulled the foreskin back from the tip and swirled his toungue around the rim of the head, i just about fainted it felt oh so good, my cock obviously appreciated it as well as it began to swell and rise. The feelings that desire was able to give me felt better than anything id ever experienced before. i held onto his shoulders as my knees where going weak. he took it from his mouth and rubbed his hand up and down the shaft exposing my ever so sensitive head to the cold night air, this sent shivers up my back of cold and sexual pleasure. Desire said to me then do u want to fuck my mouth i replied if u think u can manage it (im reasonably well endowed)to that he just sank his hot mouth back over my cock and took it all the way down, i responded by placing my hands on his head and moved my hips in time with his head. i couldnt believe how horny it felt and desire knew all the right places to touch and grab and soon i could feel my juices rising, i told desire about the impending release and he just doubled his efforts. that was it i couldnt hold it and desire sank his mouth right down the shaft and stopped there, my cock exploded but he just drank it all down never moving! He held it there in his mouth, moving his toungue over the head and slowly wanking my shaft. He pulled up my tracksuit bottoms and got to his feet and it was then that i noticed his own hard cock, it was swollen and ready to come. i wished i could say that i got down and returned the favour and got my first taste of another man, but i just stood and watched transfixed as desire stroked his shaft rapidly and shot his load over the ground. I thanked him as we got back into the car and then he drove me back through the park to the hotel.

I wish now that i had invited you to my room m8 and we could have had some more fun but alas i was just too scared.

next time im down that way i will mosdef look you up.

Good luck and Have fun all.