Written by do and dav

23 Mar 2006

hi there my name is do i am 26 years old and married to dave who is the same age we were looking for a bit of exitementto perk up our sex life sowe decided to advertise in a contact magazine for a couple like ourselves who were looking for a bit of sexy fun

there were lots of replies so we decided upon a couple who didnt stay far from us

the night came and we were both a little scared as we had not tried anything like this before

we arrived at our local pub about ten minutes before they arrived

they introduced themselves as debbie and patrick

as the evening wore we all got a bit drunk so we invited them home

when we arrived home we started talking about sex

the next thing i knew we were all striped off

my juices were starting to flow as patrick started to lick my cunt it was wonderful and what made it more exciting was to see debbie sucking off my husband

it all finished of with me beingfucked by patrick and sucking off my husband at the same time

my husband shot his spunk in my mouth and patrick shot his spunk up my cunt

i nearly passed out with excitment

we all hope to repeat this again sometime