Written by cjb1

28 Jun 2006

I had been in town for a drink and was making my way home when i bumped in to my old School teacher. We started chatting and he offered me around for a coffe, which i thought why not. We sat down on his sofa, talking about what was going on in our lives, if i had a girlfriend etc (which i didn't), when he suddenly asked me if i fancied men!

Already this started my heart beating harder, and i said i was pretty open minded. He then asked me if i had ever had my cock sucked by another man which i said no too. He started rubbing my leg and inside thigh, which started to get me hard, so he undid my trousers and got out my semi hard cock. He slowly rolled back the foreskin, with precum already seeping out, he knelt down on the floor between my legs and licked from the bottom of my shaft to my cock end, licking up the precum and putting his tounge im my cock slit.

By my heart was racing and my cock was fully hard, he continued to roll the foreskin back and forth, just infront of his face, when he then opened his mouth and stuck my cock end in, and sucked slowly. He started to move his head up and down, sucking harder and harder with syliva all over it, he wanked my cock with the other hand. I couldn't hold on any longer and told him i was going to come, he took my cock out his mouth and wanked me, with precum pouring out, he licked and sucked the end of my cock. As the first jet shot out over his mouth and cheek, he quickly lowered his mouth on to my cock again, as i pumped the rest down his throat. He carried on sucking and licking my cock until it went limp.