Written by sacha

15 Jun 2006

back in january i had to hitchhike up to scotland from london i got a lift from a lorry driver called jack we got chatting we talked about family his wife had a quite laugh

when we got to northampton it was pouring with rain he pulled the truck over in a service station jack told me he was stopping for something to eat and i was welcome to join him after we finished we went in to the toilets i noticed jack looking over at my prick he just said nice cock he turned and faced me he was pretty well hung he smiled winked and zipped up

it was still pouring when we went back to the truck when we had sat down shut the doors jack said to me look no pressure but i like sex with the odd guy you can leave or you can stay i felt quite in a panic as never been with a guy before i was shocked to find my prick getting hard

jack is in his late twenties fit good looking he looked at the bulge in my trousers slid his hand across and i let him unzip me i was so hard he wanked me very slowly he asked me whether this was my first time when i told it was he reassured me then he went down on me pulling back my foreskin sucking the head then running his mouth down my shaft god it felt good i quickly exploded cum in his mouth

was that good i nodded he then he undid his trousers moved over next to me his erection was huge in his pants he took them down his prick was circumcised the head bulged and pulsed shiny with pre cum jack took my hand guided into his cock thicker and longer than mine so hot it felt weird without a foreskin he showed me the best way to wank him he was soon moaning softly jack then put his hand round the back of my neck and lowered my head slowly onto his prick it felt natural and i wanted it so i open my mouth let his prick slide in sticky a bit salty the heat was incredible

i didnt need much encouragement sliding up and down the shaft i felt his prick expand i wasnt sure i wanted him to cum in my mouth so i tryed to lift off but he held my head his pricked pulsed and his cum shot into my mouth thick and warm jack said swallow it so i did sticky in my throat his erection quickly faded and he did up his trousers smiled at me asked if i enjoyed the experience i said i did then we will do it again later then he sat back in his seat gunned the engine back on the M1 part 2 cumming