Written by sacha

15 Jun 2006

as we approached manchester jack asked me whether i was feeling horny again as he was

as jack drove he undid his trousers his hard prick sprung out of the confinds of his pants jack asked me to come over and suck him as he drove so i did it was fantastic feeling really horny

after 15 minutes he still hadnt cum i asked jack whether i was doing it right he said it was fine but he always took along time second time around he told me to climb into the living of his truck strip and get naked and he would pull in at the next service station and join me

i undress feeling very naked but excited i had a raging hard on after 10 minutes the truck pulled in and came to a stop jack appeared and said we will spend the night here

he stripped off all his clothes his body was hard shaven he pulled me close massaged my back then my chest kissed my nipples and my neck his hand ran down to my arse feeling my hole begining to finger me he brought his mouth up to mine and kissed me pushing a finger right in he kissed me harder and i responded he pushed another finger in began to frig me it started to sting a bit i moved down kissed his chest then his hard stomach letting him finger me easier i went down on him again he started to moan i tasted his pre cum again he pulled me off

not in your mouth this time

he went to the back of the living took out a tub of vaseline and a pack of 3

my arsehole throbbed i wanting him to fuck me feel the passion when he came i went down on my hands and knees jack stroked my back running his hand round wanking me bringing me close to cumming but stopping when i was on the edge

then jack fingered me again with the vaseline opening closing his fingers stretching me jack removed his fingers

and i felt his prick on my hole then the hard firm pressure i felt my hole open then jack pushed his prick an inch in quite painful at first he slid in a couple of inches then withdrew an inch then in again till he was right in up to the hilt he held it there for what seemed like ages then he held onto my hips and began to move rocking back he started fucking me slowly then building it up he reached round grabbed my prick wanked me waves of pleasure broke over me i came quickly but it was long & Xstactic then fucked me more urgently harder then he came we cryed out together in mutual pleasure we collapsed and jack slid his prick out of me we lay together for ages before falling asleep in the morning i work up first sucked him hard making him cum

when we eventually got to scotland we pulled in to a quiet side street and i let him fuck me again jack changed my life