Written by Mal and Denise.

31 Aug 2006

This is another true story of myself and Denise.

Denise is my girlfriend,all though we are married to other people.I phoned Denise up and arranged to meet her at the bottom of her street.I told her i wanted her just to wear a large coat,hold up stockings and nothing else.She was a little bit taken back by this, but she agree to do it.

I picked her up in my car,and said lets have a quick look,she opened her coat to show me she only had a bra and g string on.I got a hard on straight away.

We drove to a local country pub near Rudry in Caerphilly, and we went in for a drink, it was very quiet, we stood at the corner of the bar,and while ordering.i put my one hand under her coat to feel her cunt,she was soaking.

I told her to go to the toilet and take all the underwear off,she did this and came back to the lounge.We sat down,and she opened her coat to show me her naked tits, and then she put her hand between her legs and then pulled her fingers out for me to lick.We finished our drinks and left the pub.While walking towards the car,she opened her coat and then got in the car,we drove towards Caerphilly mountain with Denises legs on the dashboard playing with herself.We stopped the car on the mountain and she gave me a blow job,while i fingered her shaven cunt.We then got out of the car and we fucked with her hanging on the passenger side door,we both came quickly,we want to do this again,but possibly in dogging area close to Cardiff or Caerphilly.If people know of a area locally,please let me know.