Written by married 40s couple

21 Dec 2003

We have been married 20years and neither of us have played around but we all need a bit of spice now and then so when the sun is out we visit our local beach and I get my wife to strip off in secluded parts of the sandhills, we have often been watched and it has been a great turn on.What to do in the winter, well we have just tried dogging and found it even more exciting, in the comfort of our car we can fuck and suck whilst a stranger watches through the window. So far we have done it three times and the last time the weather was so bad my wife relented and we let this stranger sit in the back seat. we gor her naked and she let him play with her bum as she sucked me even though we had not exchanged a single word.I can't tell you how exciting it was to see my respectable wife of so many years let a total stranger feel her tits and see her play with herself she opened herself right up and he could see right up inside her , i couldn't hold back and when she sucked me again I shot into her mouth, our friend managed to get her arse in the air and she let him finger her, she was so far gone she made no attempt to stop him. She climaxed and then he sorted himself out whilst his free hand played with her tits. All in all we have found a very exciting way to while away some cold winter nights.