Written by Gen Glen

10 Sep 2005

I do not know where to begin. I am still amazed at what has happened. I had decided to have a weekend away to myself. Nothing special just a chance to recharge my batteries alone. So I decided to go to Scotland. Had a nice drive upto the West Coast. It was early evening and my back was aching from the drive. I decided to stop off for a coffee and pulled into a large service station on the way to the Western Isles! It was not too busy so I decided to take my time, enjoy the solitude and scenery. I was enjoying my coffee and stale danish pastry when in he walked. Now if you have been on Gaydar and seen the profiles of muscular, blond, blue eyes and thought yeah right, he walked in. He wore a one piece that fitted perfect, the lines of the leather drew my eyes to his crotch. I could not take my eyes off him. He did not really notice me but I was happy to watch him! He got up and left pretty quick. I arrived at the "hotel" about 7 and checked in. Unpacked my case and decided to go for a reccy. Only as I came out of the hotel did I notice this big fuck off bike. Yeah it was nice but that was about it. The place was not a happening place at all. I ended up being in bed by 11 alone, not impressed at all!

I was sat at breakfast when in he walked. Leather pants which had been shaped around his crotch and a tight fitting t-shirt. Fuck was this luck or devine intervention. I looked around and there was not a soul in the dining room. Morning pleasentaries were made. We had a little chat. He was just riding around but was staying for 2 days here. I explained that my plans were to walk, he offered to pillion me. I had to decline as I had never been on abike in my life! However he said not to worry and he would look after me.

When he met me after breakfast he was already leathered up. He passed me a helmet. I was invited to get on the bike. Iwas shitting myself, I did not know what to do. He told me to hold onto him tight around his waist.

God I had never been so close to a man in leather like this. I held onto him for dear life. We had been on the road for about 20 mins when my knob started to thicken. I tried really hard to control it. The more I tried the harder it got, it moved and strained in my jeans. Fuck I was sure he could tell as he moved further back on me. He slid his left hand down my leg and moved my hand to his groin. I could feel his thickening knob in his leathers. I was unsure of the whole thing. I wanted this but then again I had never been in this situation. We eventually came to a clearing in the road, traffic went by but none stopped. He took off his helmet and I was amazed I had never noticed how horny he was. Cropped blond hair and the most piercing blue eyes. His face was rough, he was not pretty, he was a man. Everything looked right. His ear was pierced with a small ring, his hair cropped but shaved at the back and sides. I was really worried he looked hard n rough. He kissed me!

I was not expecting it! He was gentle as if he knew I was a virgin. He kissed me, his tongue was hard in my mouth. He asked me if it was okay, it just was not what I was expecting, my knob hard and been kissed by this fella, whose name I had not even asked. We rode on and stopped off for a drink. He had a coke I had a whisky! We chatted and found we had a lot in common, I was relaxed in his company. It started to rain so we headed back. It was not long before we were both wet through. The difference being that he looked good in wet leathers. We got back to the hotel cold and wet. Instead of going to our seperate rooms he followed me to mine. I popped the kettle on for a hot chocolate. But then as a thunderbolt I realised what was happening. I took a towel and slowly wiped his face and shaved head. His leathers were wet through so I made a half hearted attempt to dry them, dragging the towel down over the taut torso. He took my hand as I rubbed his wet crotch, feeling what was now a true hard on. I sank to my knees and slowly kissed his wet crotch, nuzzling my way through the leather. Hands forcing my face deep into his groin. I enjoyed the smell, the smoothness of this hard thickening cock. I undid his zip, and there it was this cock. Thick, hardened and dribblin precum!

I did not really know what to do. I started licking his balls. It was good, he had no hairs, the sac was thick but smooth, a cock ring keeping them in place. I licked his sac, pulling on it, making his balls ache as he groaned the more I sucked. We kept this up for about 15 mins before he begged me to fuck him! I was unsure, but he was a considerate lover. He rubbered me up before sliding his arse on my now hard painful cock. Then he started to rock on my knob,

Back n forth until he found his spot. Then he let out a groan, an earthy native groan. His rythmn got faster as he road my knob, the rasp of leather as he buried his arse on my knob, I was enjoying this. He shot his load over my guts as I arched my back, forcing my knob deeper into him. He slowly and furiously rode my knob.

And the best thing of all was we were staying in the same place for a few days!