Written by Ann (Derek's Wife)

23 Jun 2005

Hello Ann here,what a last hour or two.Derek contacted Bill last night to explain he still could not get this photo onto disc thing right.He said he would pop over one evening.

Anyway Derek went off to the town shopping at 9-00am and said "home about 12 noon".I had just showered,wet hair the lot when the doorbell rang,I slipped on a gown and opened the door,to my surprise there stood Bill.I just stared at him "Well can I come in",I pulled the door to behind him (not as quick as he pulled me to him though)"I look such a mess Bill" but he didn't seem to hear me (or want to) within seconds my robe was off and he was feasting on my boobs, kissing and licking from one to the other his hand stroking and probing between my still damp thighs.

"Lay down"he instructed I went to walk into our bedroom,"No lay down here", I did as he asked and lay down on the hall carpet, Bill quickly stripped,dropped to his knees and pushed his face into my pussy licking and lapping at me untill he knew I was ready for him,with that he just climbed aboard and fucked me !!! Yes he just Fucked me, he went at me like a mad man humping quick and deep into me before after only a minute or so emptying himself deep into my body.

He slowly slipped away, "Sorry but I needed that" "no need to apologise" I answered "that was very unexpected and very different"."I will go and get cleaned up and dressed then".

"No please stay like that while I check the computer" he asked, so still naked and with his come running down my thighs we went into the computer room ,booted up and Bill set to his task all the time stroking a hand across my breasts or soft pubes.

I guess it took about twenty minutes before he got done what he wanted,"There that should do it". and with that he closed down the computer pulled me to him and started a beautiful snogging session with me.

We were soon lay on the carpet in the computer room where he proceeded to "Make love to me" not the rush like earlier.

This time lots of stroking, massaging,kissing and whispering sexy talk into my ear.He then licked his fingertips and started rubbing superbly on my clit,he picked up a steady rythmn of rubbing me and alternating to finger fucking me,soon I was on the verge and begged him to speed up and make me come. He did as asked and soon I was writhing around on the floor moaning and groaning as he took me over the top.

Once,twice,three times he brought me to orgasm,my pussy was throbbing and pulsing,next thing I knew his mouth was on me and he brought me off again using his tongue.

"Get on your knees like you did for Derek the other day". So I quickly spun over and he just as quickly entered me with one almighty groan he pushed in deep untill his balls were banging against the back of my thighs.

He then proceeded to fuck me once more,this time slower and more of a buid up but the end result was going to be the same and after some very hard and fast thrusts I felt him twitching inside me,I clamped my cunt muscles around his hard cock and as he started to come I gripped him and milked every drop out of him.

I felt him soften and slip out of me and we lay side by side kissing and regaining our composure. "thankyou" he said "thankyou" I replied, it's only 10-30am and I have come god knows how many times and been fucked twice", "three times" he smiled back "I'm not going anywhere yet.

He asked me not to dress and we sat around for an hour naked, talking and drinking tea .

"Come over here and suck me off"he asked and I was over to him on my knees wanking and sucking him for a good ten minutes before he was good and ready.

I got him to lie on the lounge floor before standing over him opening my legs to show him the mess he had already caused in me before lowering myself onto his mouth for him to taste our cocktail of come,I then slipped down his body leaving a wet slimy trail across his chest and stomach before feeding his hard cock up into me,I then proceeded to "Fuck Him" I rode him at my pace, slowly,faster ,faster still,slowly.I kept this up for ages and when he did finally come it was mainly pulsing and groaning,he didn't come much as he had surely been drained earlier.

Bill cleaned up and dressed but asked me not to and to surprise Derek when he came home.This I did and although I couldn't let Derek fuck me (too sore) I did wank him and suck him off all over me as I told him the story of this morning events.

12 noon and still not dressed,writing this sat on a towel !!!

Dereks come still sticky over my breasts and stomach and the towel to soak up Bill's morning offerings.

I hope you enjoyed this hot off the press story. Ann xxxx (Derek's wife)