Written by Derek and Ann

19 May 2005

Hello again.

It had been a while since Bill had come over to "tweak " the computer,so he came over last week but unfortunateley for him (and me)his wife came with him and nothing happened apart from the odd knowing look and quick kiss while she used the loo.

Anyway Derek text him and asked how we could pay him for the latest fix. Take me out for a drink he text back.

So last night we picked him up around 7-30,Derek drove our MPV,and I was sat in the back,I had dressed to please,Beige high heels, tan hold up stockings,no bra or pants,a wrap over skirt and a loosish top that showed a good cleavage.Over the top my long thin raincoat.

Bill smiled as we drove off from his house,his wife out at an Avon Party.As soon as we were on our way Bill's hand sought mine and gave it a gentle squeeze,I squeezed back and gave him a wink and a smile."Where are we going" he asked, "somewhere very quiet" Derek answered and shortly we were going through narrow country lanes eventually turning into the drive of an oldie worldy pub.

Derek killed the engine and just looked me in the eye through the mirror,I got the message and leant across Bill offering him my upturned face, he wasted no time in lowering his open mouth onto mine, his tongue going to work immediateley swirling his around mine.Derek watched all this for a minute or two before saying"come on you two I'm thirsty".

Bill ad I seperated and we were soon sat down in this cosy little lounge room, Derek and I had been here loads of times and knew it would be quiet,private and peaceful.

I sat with my back to the bar and Derek and Bill sat facing me, we chatted about our families,football and of course the weather before Derek went off to the loo,he winked at me as he left and I knew the signal.

I slowly lifted my loose top so that Bill could see first one breast then both,his eyes sticking out and going all glazed over,I stroked my thumbnails across my nipples making them instantly enlarge and go all rubbery,I ran my tongue over my lips and closed my eyes in a dreamy motion.

"like" I asked "very much so" was the reply.Next I slowly pulled my wrap over skirt apart to reveal my hairy pussy,His mouth dropped slightly when he realised No Knickers !!

Licking my fingers I ran the tips the full length of my pussy and shuddered as I came to and just caught on my clit.

I heard Derek come back into the room and stand at the bar ordering more drinks and chatting to the girl behind the bar,all the time I just smiled at Bill and continued to pleasure myself.

Derek returned with the drinks and as he leant over he looked down at where my hand was,he pulled my hand up to his mouth and licked my wetness from his fingers "the person who makes pussy flavoured crisps will be a millionaire" he said before taking his seat to enjoy the show with Bill.

I carried on like this teasing my body to new heights,another couple came in and sat at the bar but as I had my back to them they were none the wiser as my fingers played with my clit and ran a little way up inside myself.

"Ok" Derek suddenly said "it's getting dark now",we quickly finished our drinks and I made myself respectable and we said our goodnights and headed back to the car.

Bill was suprised when I did not get in the back with him,instead I removed my raincoat and got in the passenger seat,I immediateley fell across into Derek's arms kissing him deeply,while kissing, Derek's hands stroked and fondled my ever accepting body.Derek whispered in my ear and I followed his instructions as he started the engine.

I turned the knob and put the seat back into the fully reclined position,Bill got the message and smiled as he leant across and started to kiss me pulling my top up to expose my breasts to his eager gaze and touch.My nipples felt huge with all the attention they had already had and now they were receiving more as Bill's lips locked onto them in turn sucking and nibbling them only stopping long enough to get me to remove my top completely.

Soon we were back on a straight main road and Derek could join in the fun.He started by stroking along my legs from my knees to my stocking tops,I unbuttoned my skirt and it fell away each side of me exposing my hairy pussy to any oncoming lights that lit up our cabin,but only us three knew what was going on.

I was trying to thrust myself onto Derek's fingers but he was teasing me and just stopping short of my open wetness."bastard"I hissed at him,but he just carried on driving and teasing me.

We suddenly pulled over into a lay-by and Derek got straight out removed his trousers and pants and got back behind the wheel sporting a cracking hard on."You going to join us"he asked Bill and Bill just sat back and did the same as Derek.

Derek started driving again and Bill dropped onto his knees and fed me his cock, I licked and tasted a drop of pr-come from his dome before taking him deeper into my mouth,the swaying of the car adding to the movement of him in my mouth,"My turn" Derek asked so I left Bill swaying in the air and went across Derek's lap and licked and sucked him as best I could,It was so erotic as my bottom was in the air and Bill started to wipe his fingers across it before at last stroking at my open pussy.

First one then two fingers probed deeply into my cunt and as he pushed Derek's cock went further down my throat I almost gagged a couple of times.

The car was slowing and then the engine was off and handbrake on.

I lifted my head to see where we were and was shocked to see us parked in a quiet corner of our own Social club !!!

Derek and I have often snogged here but never gone this far.

Derek lowered his seat and invited Bill to get in the front with me,he somewhat awkwardly removed the rest of his clothes,looked all around and when sure no one was around opened the door and opened my door and quickly got in kneeling in the footwell.

He went straight down on me his mouth clamping onto my womanhood,his tongue licked and lashed at me taking my outer lips in his mouth and pulling and stretching them,this was heaven, so risque and horny,I put my hands behind his kneck and pulled him deep into me encouraging him to suck me for all he was worth.All the time Derek was kissing me and playing with my hot tits.

Derek's hand slid down and he rubbed at my clit while Bill sucked me,this was wonderful and soon I was heading down that inevitable path to orgasm.

"Here it comes"I told them but I think they both knew as my thigh and stomach muscles tightened and I started a low gurgling noise before my pussy exploded in orgasm I was nearly throwing them both off me as my passion erupted.

Once, twice,three times they brought me off,Derek twice with his practiced fingers and Bill once on his superb long strong tongue.

"Fuck me Bill""Please fuck me" I asked and Bill slid up from the footwell I opened my thighs wide and he slid up my body his hot hard cock banging against my clit making me nearly jump through the roof before I put my hand down and prised his cock from his stomach before guiding him straight into me.His lips found mine and I eagerly licked my juices from his hot wet face.

He slid in and wasted no time in giving me the fucking I was craving,it had been about two hours since we started messing about and I was as high as a kite.

Bill pounded into me hard and fast,my back was aching in such a confined space but I did not care.

"fuck me ""Fill me""squirt your come into me"I called out. "sorry I'm coming" he called."Come then""do it""Now fill me with your come"I called again,and come he did jet after hot jet I felt hitting deep inside me, it's warmth immediately spreading inside me,after he stopped coming he lay on me breathing heavily our sweaty bodies sticking together."Wonderful" he said "sure was" I replied,"Your not finished yet"Derek's voice bringing me back to earth.

Bill dropped out of me with a wet oozing plop,I felt our mixed juices running down into the crack of my backside and soaking into my wrap skirt.

People were coming and going in the carpark by now and Bill wasn't game to get out the door so he climbed over me leaving a snail like trail of come across my stomach,breasts and neck before he sat breathless in the back of our car.

Derek wasted no time in taking his place and he got his full length imbedded in me,he then started fucking me,slowly at first and then building in pace untill he went at me with a pace and ferocity I had not known for years.

The noises coming from between my legs as the liquids poured from me and his balls slapped against it our thighs and stomachs crashing together untill with a loud groan he too fired off his gift of hot spunk into my body.My body shook with excitement and fullfillment as he pulled out of me.

We all three sat for a while gaining our composure,before we awkwardly dressed in the car.Once dressed I pulled my seat up, got out and sat in the back with Bill.Derek drove Bill home and while driving Bill and I just sat stroking each other contentedly just softly kissing knowing we had all three of us experienced a very unusual evening.

"Give us a ring sometime we said as he left the car"."I certainly will" he replied.Derek and I drove home in silence and once in the bungalow he lay me down on our bed and licked and sucked at me, tenderly licking and sucking our combined juices."Tastiest drink I have had all night" he smiled at me and we showered and went to sleep in each others arms, well satisfied and me well fucked !!!! (till the next time)(Ann xxxx) and Derek