Written by Chrissie

23 Apr 2006

Hi, I'm Chrissie, I love being watched doing things that I shouldn't do, but the best is flashing older men, I'm twenty six, got a nice figure with firm tits even if they are a bit big, I like to sit on park benches and when a man comes towards me let my knees open to show him I'm not wearing any knickers, older men seem to appreciate this much more than young men so I pick on old men all the time, last week I was in the local park when a man walking his little dog came in my direction, he smiled as he got closer and then as my knees parted his face lit up, he stopped and then sat down on the grass, staring straight at my naked pussy, he came closer , he was only about six feet away now, looking at me as I tried to give him a better view by sliding forward on the seat, he said can I touch, I didn't answer so he reached out moving forward as he did, till his fingers touched my upper thigh, he stroked for a few seconds then pushed his hand deeper into my crutch, his finger finding my pussy lips he parted them and slipped two fingers inside, his thumb rolling my clitty, I said there are some people coming so he drew away, till they had passed, then he putt his fingers back inside me, some more people came and he had to stop again, he said do you want to come back to my place, I just nodded, he held out his hand and helped me to my feet leading me like a lamb to his flat on the other side of the park, he told me to sit down and he put the dog in the kitchen.

He kneeled down between my thighs and put his fingers back inside me his thumb working a kind of magic on my clitty, I came almost imediatly, he said did you enjoy that, I told him yes, he stood up dropping his trousers, exposing his cock, it was hard and very red, especially the knob, he took hold of my hair and pulled me forward till it was pushing against my lips, he told me to open my mouth and he pushed it in, making me choke as it hit the back of my throut, he pulled back enought to allow me to breath, then said suck it for me, I sucked and licked his big cock for what seemed like hours, I couldn't pull away because he had his fingers entwined in my hair and was holding me tight to him, he said suck harder, I did the best that I could, then I felt him twich and then shoot his come deep into my mouth, pulling me harder onto his old cock, so I had to swallow it all.

He took it out and said would you like some wine, I said yes please, he brought me a large glass of red wine, I drank it down quite quickly to take the taste of his come away, I didn't like it much, he filled the glass again, after about three or four glasses I felt my head start to go funny, I knew I had drunk too much, he laid me down on the sofa and covered me with a blanket, I must have gone to sleep because when I woke up there was cameras and tripods with flash guns all around me, and I was naked, he had stripped me while I was asleep, or drugged and took I don't know what kind of photos of me, he said I will show you some of the photos and if you don't do as you are told I will show them to you parents and friends, my parents are so strict and very relious, he had me just where he wanted me, he must have known who I was and set the thing up, it was entirly my fault if I haden't been flashing it would never have happened, but I knew I would have to do what ever he wanted or be exposed as a flasher and a tart.

He told me to suck his cock again it was soft for a while but soon became hard, he bent my over the back of his sofa and pushed his cock up hard fucking me till he empied his stuff inside my, he told me to get the morning after pill and to get put on the pill straight away because he was going to fuck me whenever he wanted too, he even gave me a mobile phone so he could call me to go to his when he wanted me, he said he was going to invite some of his mates to share me with but that hasn't happened yet.

You would think I'd had learned my lesson but no, I still flash old men whenever I get the chance, I know the risks and what it can lead too, but can't seem to stop, showing my naked bits to men especially old men.