Written by sue1966

24 Feb 2006

Let me start by giving you a brief insight into my situation. I am married to a guy 20 yrs my senior. At the beginning sex was fantastic, morning noon and night we couldn’t get enough of each other. Like with most marriages (I am told) the sex started to drop off so much so that I haven’t had any sex with my husband for the past 2 years. I kept myself amused with my collection of vibrators and dildos. One of my main fantasies is being watched by our window cleaner as I pleasure myself but alas this has never happened.

I have kept my self in shape by going to the gym three times a week, we haven’t had any children and that also helps. My breasts are still firm, I still have a flat tummy and a pert little bottom I only wish my legs were a bit longer.

My husband works long hours (running his business) so I decided to take a part time job, not for the money but to ease the boredom. Whilst in the loo a couple of weeks ago I herd two girls talking about this site, when I got home I decided to have a look. I spent a lot of the time reading the stories, I like to read the ones about dogging and flashing, as my fantasies revolve around being watched. Out of curiosity I also looked up the local dogging locations. Over the next couple of days, I was horny as hell dreaming about being watched. I have also taken up flashing to truck drivers on the motorway on my way home from work. I unbutton a couple of buttons on my blouse and I let my skirt ride up so that my stocking tops are on show.

Last week I was so horny that I decided to visit a dogging location that I had seen on this site. After my husband had left for work I prepared myself having a nice long soak in the bath checking that my pussy was nice and smooth. After doing my hair and makeup I chose the outfit I was going to wear. Silky red mandarin top, short black skirt, black sheer nylon thong (see through), hold up stockings and a pair of black high heals. I was horny but determined not to touch my self until I had got to my chosen location. I couldn’t flash to anyone on the way to the motorway but I made sure that my stocking tops were on show before I got onto the motorway. My nipples were almost bursting through my blouse and I could feel the dampness between my legs. The journey on the m/way was a bit disappointing. I passed a couple of lorries but didn’t get any reaction. It didn’t matter as my mind was going ten to the dozen thinking of what they could see and what they thought. I left the m/way after about 20 minutes. Once through the city the road becomes a dual carriageway, a chance to do a bit more flashing. I approached a white transit van, once I was alongside the driver I looked through my sunroof and could see him looking down at me, the expression on his face was priceless. I over took him but he caught up with me, over took me and then slowed down so that I would have to overtake him again. I over took him but he couldn’t keep up. Once off the duel carriageway I took the coast road to the beach. I could see the white transit van some way behind me.

The beach was empty no other cars or any thing so I parked up and reclined my seat slightly, flashing to the guy in the transit van had made me so horny, I slipped my hand between my thighs and closed my eyes. On hearing an engine I opened my eyes to see the van reversing next to me, my heart skipped a beat or two. I couldn’t go through with it. I put my seat back into position and drove off. I know that you are going to say I am a prick teaser but that’s not true (well maybe a little bit) it’s just that I didn’t fancy they guy in the transit and my nerve went.

I was still very horny when I got home and had to pleasure myself. That night I just couldn’t sleep thinking about what might have been. Before I drifted off to sleep I had decided to go through with it the next day. I followed the same routine as the day before only this time I wasn’t followed by a transit van or anyone else. I arrived at the beach dressed in white blouse, short checked mini skirt, white thong and white hold ups. This time there were a couple of cars parked on the beach. I parked up and waited. This time I had some sandwiches with me so that I could pretend to be having my lunch. I had been sat there for about 15 minutes and had watched this car cruise up and down the beach a couple of times. My window was slightly open and my doors were locked I had left the engine running to keep warm and for a quick getaway if needed. I had reclined my seat again as before. The car that had been cruising approached me again and parked next to me nose to tail. The guy got out of his car to get something out of his boot, my skirt had risen up above my stocking tops and I am sure he could see my thong. He closed the boot of his car and smiled at me. He was about 30 years old, dark hair and dressed nice (shirt and trousers). He stood at his door looking in at me and said nice day, I was that horny and nervous that I could hardly speak. All I could mutter was yes. He got back into his car and opened his window. I lowered my window a bit further so that we could talk. Whilst we were chatting I was playing with my pussy. He told me he came to the beach most lunch times. After about five minutes chatting he asked me if I was on the beach for some fun, I gulped and said yes. I told him I only liked to be watched, he said great and got out of his car. This was it no turning back I thought and reclined my seat further. I turned slightly so that he could see my fingers playing with my pussy. That looks fucking great I like to look at shaved cunts he said. His words were turning me on even more, then I noticed he had his cock in his hand and was slowly wanking himself. I reached over to my bag and got my favourite pink dildo. Go on I want to see you fuck yourself. I pushed it in stretching my pussy lips as it slid in easily. I was looking at his cock watching him wank. I couldn’t hold back I had to come, I clamped my legs together, the muscles in my pussy squeezing the dildo, and with a shout I had the most intense orgasm that I have had in years. As soon as I stopped trembling I drove off with the dildo still firmly in my pussy. What I wanted was some cock but I was too nervous. I drove home in a daze.

I will be going back to the beach next week and maybe I might take things further. I am going up to my bed room now as recalling this event has turned me on again, just wish the window cleaner was due.