Written by butters

24 Jun 2006

I have been reading the stories on this site and thought its about time I recounted an episode that happend to me a few years ago that i have never forgot.

A few of us have caravans in cornwall (we are all from wales) and always try to get away whenever we can,the following happend after one trip.There were four families who went down for the week in july 1997 unfortunately I and the daughter of one of the others could only go down for the weekend due to work commitments and not for the whole week,so it was sorted that I would take karen (not real name) home when I went and as she was only 18 and it was the first time beeing home for a week on her own that i would check in on her during the week at the time i was 31.So on the sunday evening we set off home chatting on the journey as you do, karen said we never had that drink in the club that we were going to have and perhaps we can get together during the week,I thought nothing more of it and dropped her off and went home.

I was working the next few days and when I arrived home on the tuesday found a parcel had been left in the shed when I opened it I found it was a tent that my wife had ordered from her catalogue for karen,so I phoned her and told her that it had arrived and she asked could I take it down to her so I jumped in the car and did.When I gave it to her she asked could I help her put it up which I did.When we had finished she made a cup of tea and we sat there in the kitchen chatting and I noticed her keep looking at me and smiling,I drank the tea and said I had to go as my mate was coming around soon so said goodbye,as I was leaving she said thanks and that she would come up the next night with some cans beer as a thank you.I got home from work the next day and forgot all about what she had said,about 7pm i heard the gateopen and looked up and saw her coming through the gate carrying a bag.I openend the door and let her in she had fetched 8 cans of beer with her.We sat down chatting and drinking and the beer was soon gone and soon we were hitting the harder stuff in the drinks cabinet.As the night went on we both got quite drunk and the subject turned to sex and she said she'd had a crush on me when she was younger and then she said that since she had broken up with her boyfriend 6 months earlier she had not had sex and was desperate for it.I jokingly said what are you going to do about it drag me up to bed to which she replied i don't know the way you'll have to show me,with that she stood up moved to the door and said well are you going to lead the way.I didn't need asking again and was soon off up the stairs with her close behind me.

When we reached the master bedroom we were all over each other and I soon removed her strappy top and then her skirt,then I removed her bra and was greeted with the sight of the most beautiful 36c tits I had ever seen,so firm with perfect nipples.My mouth was soon onto her biting and sucking which caused her to gasp and moan with pleasure,then i moved my attention to lower down and removed her pants and was greeted with another wonderful sight of a wonderful wet pussy my head soon moved down and was licking and sucking her clit to more moans and gasps and in between she said its ok to carry on as i'm on the pill.Now here comes the silly bit what happend after that point neither of us could remember(the next day) did we make love or not ? it was all a big blur,but my story does not end there.

The next thing I knew it was morning and I was in bed as I turned around I was greeted by the sight of a wonderful 18 year old lay next to me naked I soon started stroking her tits and the inside of her thigh and was greeted with a few sighs,I then started rubbing her clit and the sighs soon turned to gasps and her legs were open wide revealing her wet pussy again.I climbed on top of her and sank my now fully erect 7 and a half inches into her wet pussy pumping away hard, it didn't take long before she started to shake and moan she was cumming.I kept pumping away as the shaking subsided,then I got one of my wife vibes and started to buzz her clit.she soon took over the vibe while i pumped her hard again,before long she was moaning and shaking again as she was cumming this time I pumped her harder and filled her pussy with my own cum.we then retired to the bathroom and both jumped into the shower, forgot to say that she had plenty of hair around her pussy light in colour as she was blonde.

As we showered I asked had she considered shaving her pussy as it would look lovely bald to which she replied if thats how you want it then do it.I reached for a razor and soap and soaped up her pussy and started to shave her and before long she was bald revealing a lovely pair of lips.We got out of the shower and got dressed and went downstairs and made a cup of tea,we sat on the settee to drink it and she came cuddling up to me and I looked down and had a fantastic view down her tits.I couldn't resist and sank my hand down her bra and started to play with her nipples and soon had more moans from her.Then she reached out her hand and undid the button on my jeans and lowered the zip and soon released my now harding cock,her head then sank down and took my cock in her mouth and preceded to give me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had.Before long we were both naked again and were on the floor in the 69 position with me lapping at her now naked pussy and her sucking my cock.Then she turned and pushed me on my back and lowered herself onto my cock and started rocking. it didn't take long before she was shaking and moaning as she cum again.When she had finished I got her on her knees in doggy style and sank my cock into her dripping pussy and pumped her until I cum again.After we had finished we both got dressed and I took her home as we both had work.As she got outof the car we kissed and she said i'll see you tonight.Unfortunately I had to work late and didn't get home until 10pm so we didn't meet up.The next day everyone else came home so we never had a chance for an encore,she went off to university in the september and I fell out with her parents a few months later( not over this episode) and so lost touch with her.The last I heard she was engaged and living in the west country.I often think about that night/morning with a smile,I used to read about things like this and think to myself that someone had a good imagination but now since this happend i'm willing to believe anything is possible,so now read the stories on here which remind me of this wonderful time.I hope everyone enjoys my recollection of that time as much as i did taking part and hope it brings back good memories for you so you can get writing and tell us all about it.