Written by Paul_j

25 May 2006

In the last episode Claire is on all fours in my living room watching a frantic orgy in the flat opposite. The story continues ………………

I rubbed her back and could feel the sherry, chocolate and sex making me feel even more light headed. Claire hung on to the binos “What’s happening I asked”. “The footballer, he’s the one with long hair and the big chest is screwing the hairdresser girl, she is sucking the gardener who has dirty hands, and the headmistress, you know the brunette is sucking the hairdressers girls nipples”…..”That must be nice I said instinctively”. “Hmm ooh yes” came the reply from Claire, but I could not be sure if she was responding to my comment or the action opposite. “I need the loo” I said as I got up “Tell me what happens”……but Claire was like a football supporter watching near goal after near goal with a succession of “ohhh ahhh and Oh……….. yes……….. yes “.

I sidled or rather wobbled off and found the cold toilet seat a bit of reality, rinsed my hands and took a moment to look in the mirror. My bags were not too bad and my brown eyes still looked quite bright, I combed my long brown hair and dusted a little colour on to freshen up. The side view was good as I had not sagged (thanks to an expensive bra) and my bum was quite presentable in that little denim skirt. I reached for the handle to hear Claire shout “Fuck…….oh fuck I hope this is OK”. I ran in to be updated and Claire broke the seal between the binnos and her eyes to tell me that as the footballer was shafting the blond on the sideboard it had broken and fallen over leaving them in a heap on the floor and still joined.

Stupid me, stupid stupid me. I had a second pair of binos, Johns pair, so I rushed for these and settled beside Claire cross legged to watch. The gardner and the bimbo had stood up but the footballer and the blond were still on the floor. “Are they OK I said anxiously?”, “Yes I think so but it has spoilt the show”. Gradually they got up , rubbed there backs and after a few moments were all laughing. The footballer stretched and twisted his hips giving us a wonderful view of his magnificent, though diminished erection. It was firm and proud, proud enough to get Claires’ tongue to do another quick round tour of her lips.

As he turned he suddenly stopped and looked, hard, intently and directly at us. We both shot back behind the curtain and smiled at each other. We waited for a moment and I then peeked only to see that this time, all four of them were standing on the balcony, buck naked and pointing at our window.

Fight or flight kicked in so I decided that a bold approach was the best. I stood up and flung the curtains open and started to wave. Fortunately this appeared to have the desired effect and they all waved too, even Claire managed to overcome her embarrassment and pushed a hand followed by a face followed by a chest from behind the sofa. It was a bit chilly for our neighbours to stay on the balcony as was obvious from the retracting manhoods.

Now safe behind glass we could take our time to come to terms with the situation, and what better way than another drink, so I opened a bottle of wine, poured it for Claire and was about to toast the naked neighbours when I whispered to Claire. She giggled and we both moved towards the window. Down went our glasses, up went our t shirts and off came our bras as we gaily jangled four ripe melons for entertainment. This got an immediate standing ovation!