Written by Matt

18 Mar 2010

My wife lost her virginity to an Arab student called Arif. This was long before she moved from the North East to London and long before we met. By the time we were married he had been out of the picture for many years. We have now been married fifteen years and, as far as I can recall, she has never ever mentioned him in all that time.

Last Tuesday I went to work as usual, taking the tube from our house in Harrow into the City. I am very much a creature of habit and leave the house every morning at around 7.30am, returning, trains permitting, at around six in the evening. However last Tuesday I had to go out of the office to a meeting near Baker Street which finished just after eleven and, on a whim, I decided to slip home and take my wife out to lunch.

When I reached home I was surprised to see a large black Mercedes parked on the drive with what appeared to be a diplomatic plate. I went into the house quietly but there was no sign of anyone in the sitting room, or the dining room or the kitchen. I crept up the stairs and opened the door to our bedroom. I was greeted to the site of my wife kneeling between the legs of a semi-naked Arabic man of about my age, sucking his cock for all she was worth. They didn’t notice me at first and I stood paralysed in the doorway, hardly able to believe what my eyes were telling me. After a minute or so he noticed I was there but, rather than look concerned, he simply smiled at me. She carried on oblivious.

This continued for, I guess, another minute, then he bent down and whispered something in her ear and she turned and looked at me. Immediately she stopped what she was doing and clearly shocked, just sat on the floor, staring at me. The Arab seemed amused. I was lost for words and managed to come up with a fairly weak “what the hell’s going on?”, the answer to which was fairly obvious, even to me.

But what happened next really stunned me. The toilet in our en-suite bathroom flushed and a few moments later another Arab, this one completely naked, came into the bedroom. He stood for a moment taking in my presence, then went and laid on the bed. He said something in Arabic to the first man and he smiled and said something back. Then he leaned forward and whispered into my wife’s ear. She looked very embarrassed and said “No Arif”. And at that moment it sort of came to me who he was. Then he said, reasonably forcibly, “now”. She looked at me, then without a word got onto the bed and started sucking his cock.

Arif stared at me somewhat defiantly and I looked away, desperate to avoid eye contact. The other Arab was watching my wife perform and gently stroking his cock. And I found myself watching this, more to keep from catching Arif’s eye than anything else. I could feel his eyes burning into me. Every now and then he said something to encourage Jenny and, perhaps more to the point, to remind me of what she was doing. I have no idea how long this went on, but I remained rooted to the spot watching the other guy slowly wanking himself off. The Arabs began conversing and laughing, though I of course had no idea what had been said.

Then Arif said, “he certainly seems to like your cock!” And I realised that my wife had stopped what she was doing and they were all watching me staring at the Arab playing with himself. Then the second guy said something else to Arif and they both laughed again. And Arif said “I’m afraid your erection rather gives you away!” It was only now I realised just how hard I had become and I looked down to see that there was a rather obvious tent in my suit trousers.

I looked away and the two Arabs laughed and, without any instruction from Arif, Jenny went back to sucking him. I was still rooted to the spot, still vaguely watching the scene in front of me, almost in a trance. After five minutes or so Arif came in Jenny’s mouth, holding her head down quite roughly. She swallowed every drop.

Then he asked me if I was going to suck Jamaal or if I wanted Jenny to. I turned on my heels and walked out, the sound of their laughter behind me. I went to the sitting room. About ten minutes later they came down the stairs and the two Arabs left. Jenny came into the sitting room and sat down across from me.

I expected tears but she was very matter of fact about it. In fact I think her first words were “now you know”, although it’s a little bit of a blur. I asked her how long it had been going on, expecting, I suppose, several months. Then came the biggest shock so far. She said it had always been going on. Before we were married and right through, without any real break. In fact that was why she’d moved down to London in the first place. Arif had been a student at Newcastle University. When he graduated he moved down to work for his father’s firm in London. So Jenny got a job and followed him. Apparently he never made any pretence about wanting a full-time relationship – he has a wife and children. But he has been seeing her about once every week or so for about twenty years. I was totally gob-smacked!

I asked her about the diplomatic plates on the car and she said that it was his friend’s car. I asked about the friend bit and she said that it had started a few years earlier. Sometimes he was on his own, sometimes he brought a friend, or even two or three. Apparently there was never any sex – it was always oral. And all this was said in such a matter of fact way, like she was explaining the plot of a TV programme.

Then came the next bombshell – I asked her, almost jokingly, why she was happy giving them blow jobs when she didn’t give me them anymore – she said Arif had told her she was only to suck Arabs! I asked her what hold he had over her – she said there was no hold – she did it because she wanted to. I said “but you’ll stop now?” She was quiet for a few moments, then said she couldn’t do that.

I stood up and left the house without another word. I was furious. I went back to the office, but I couldn’t concentrate on my work. I went to the pub after work, which was almost unheard of, and didn’t get home until nearly one. Jenny was asleep. I got into bed and lay awake – in my mind the scene from earlier played over and over again. All I could see was Jenny with that Arab’s cock in his mouth, the look on his face and his friend, watching the pair of them and slowly tossing himself off.

The next morning we didn’t talk about it. There was a strained atmosphere over breakfast, but I didn’t say anything and she clearly wasn’t going to bring the subject up. That evening it was the same. Eventually as we finished dinner I couldn’t stay quiet any longer and blurted out: “Have you sucked any nice Arabs today?” Once again she stunned me with her unexpected reply – “no, but I think they’re coming back tomorrow”. I stared at her wondering if she was joking, but she just shrugged and said “well you did ask”.

We barely spoke between dinner and going to bed. I lay awake thinking about her and her Arabs, although I seemed to be thinking more about Jamaal, the spectator. Next morning I rang in sick. I could see Jenny was wondering what was going on when I didn’t leave for work, but she didn’t seem particularly phased. I spent my morning on the computer, cruising porn sites. I watched a lot of videos of women sucking men and got rather turned on. At about eleven o’clock a car drew up outside. I looked out of my study window to see the two Arabs from earlier in the week, plus a third. They came into the house.

I sat in my office, straining to hear what was going on, but there were no sounds. For about ten minutes I sat, a video playing out in front of me with the sound muted, wondering what was going on downstairs. Then I heard footsteps and talking on the stairs. There was a noise from the room next door and I knew Jenny had taken them in the bedroom. She must have told them I was in the house, but seemingly this made no difference.

Then there was a sound at my door and Jamaal wandered into the office and across to the computer. I didn’t have time to get rid of the video. He watched for a few moments, and I sat motionless, watching the screen in front of me. He said “she does that very well” and I sort of nodded. I had an erection straining against my trousers. He started rubbing himself through his clothes and, since I was sitting and he was standing next to me this was rather off-putting. Then he unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to the floor. I didn’t know what to do as he gently rubbed and pulled himself to an erection, all the time watching the screen.

Whilst I tried to avoid looking at him, I found myself glancing to see what he was doing. Then he put his hand behind my head, turned it towards him and pulled me so that he was inches from my mouth. I opened my mouth and he pushed himself inside. I had never even thought of doing this before this week, although I admit it has occurred to me since I caught Jenny. I began sucking him, trying to copy what I’d been watching all morning on the internet. The taste was not unpleasant and I gradually got more into it. If I started to move too fast he slowed me down. Occasionally he gave me little instructions as to what he wanted me to do.

After what seemed hours, but must have been about fifteen minutes, he began to move himself in and out of my mouth, gradually increasing the pace. I realised he must be close to cumming, and wondered what I should do, whether I should stop. But almost as if he could read my mind, as the speed increased his hand moved to the back of my head, effectively holding me in position. Then a jet of cum hit the back of my throat, and each thrust brought another. I had no idea there would be so much and found I had to swallow several times, otherwise I’d have chocked. When he finished I carried on sucking as he gradually softened in my mouth, then he slowly pulled away and began to fasten his clothing.

It was only then that I noticed Arif and my wife standing in the doorway. Arif had a big grin on his face and my wife looked on, somewhat amazed. When our eyes met she quickly looked away. Then Arif told me to come through to the bedroom. I did as I was told and followed him through. My wife stood motionless in the doorway so that I had to squeeze past her, but she steadfastly refused to catch my eye. In the bedroom the third Arab was sitting on the bed, naked from the waste down.

For a minute I assumed that I was expected to go down on him and I would have done, but my wife pushed past me and knelt on the floor by the bed, almost like she had a point to prove. Jamaal came into the room and said something in Arabic and the three men laughed. Arif looked at me and asked me if I enjoyed myself. I didn’t reply. He slowly took off his clothes and laid them on the bed. When he was completely naked he bent down behind Jenny and whispered something to her. She stood up and was now bent at the waste, still sucking the third guy but with her bum sticking in the air. Arif sat on the edge of the bed and started playing with her with his fingers.

Then he looked at me and told me to kneel down. I knelt in front of him and he pulled my head onto his cock, still playing with Jenny. As I sucked he began to get harder in my mouth but when he was fully hard he pushed my head away and told me to sit on the floor and watch. Then he pulled Jenny up and almost sat her onto his cock, from behind, so that they both faced me. He fucked her hard, pushing her onto him roughly, both clearly putting on a show for my benefit. Then the third guy stood in front of them and pushed her head down and she started sucking him again. For the next ten minutes I sat and watched as the two of them treated her like a cheap whore before finally the guy came in her mouth. As he moved away she opened her mouth to show me a mouthful of cum, then closed it again and made a big deal of swallowing. Arif turned her round on the bed and carried on fucking her until she had a huge orgasm, then almost immediately he stepped up the pace and seemed to be cumming inside her forever. Then it was over and he pulled out. She lay on the bed, panting for breath. Arif said something in Arabic, then told me to lay on the floor. I did as I was told. Then the other two men picked Jenny up and sat her on my face. I could taste his cum on her, then all of a sudden it started to run down into my mouth. I swallowed mouthful after mouthful but it seemed to be never ending.

Finally she was empty and got off me and went into the bathroom. I lay on the floor looking up at three Arabs in various stages of undressed. Then Arif said “you only suck Arab cocks – understand?” I nodded and they laughed together. Then he said “go back to your computer and have a wank”. I did as I was told. They left about half an hour later. That was all about an hour ago and I haven’t seen Jenny yet. I have no idea where things stand now.