Written by kev

14 Sep 2005

This is 100% true. I've been with my girlfriend for two years our sex life is great we try everything at least once. I'm a sales rep and travel a lot, i was out and about and needed to use the loo i found a public toilet and went in to a cubical, as i was sat there doing what i needed to do looking around reading the walls i noticed a hole in the wall, didn't think much of it. I heard someone come and go in the next cubical again didn't think much of it. As was pulling up my trousers i noticed through the hole the guy in the next cubical was watching me, shocked about this i left in a hurry.

For the rest of the day i couldn't stop thinking about this strange event and what shocked me more i was getting quite turned on by this, i just could not get it out of my mind. A couple of day's passed and i'd thought about it time and time again and played through my mind. I went on web sites and found out what goes on in some toilets and it was really turning me on, all i thought about was what it would be like to suck another man. Things reach fever pitch when one night i was having sex with my girlfriend and finished off by coming over her face and i thought i want to be on the receiving end of this.

I search the net found out about what signs and signals are in the these places. Went back to the same public loo's. When i got there i went to the same cubical and waiting very excited. Not long before someone came in and went the next cubical after a few seconds there a knock on the wall i waited to make sure i was ready for this and knocked back, he then put a finger through the hole and again knocked on the wall. He then left the cubical and could see his feet standing in front of my door, so i unlocked it but didn't open and sat back on the toilet, he pushed the door open i'd say he must of my mid to late thirty slim jeans and t-shirt. He wlked and locked the door and stood in front of me, i didn't know weather to say this my first time he might walk away. so i undone his belt and jeans and pulled them down leaving his boxers i could see his semi hard cock bursting to get out. So i removed them and slowly run my tongue up and down his cock then slowly wanking him as i licked his balls i was amazed that i just seemed to know what to do i suppose i was just doing what i like being done to me. He was moaning which was good sign then i took him in my mouth, before i was concerned would i like the taste but i did very much so in fact. i was sucking hard and slow playing with his balls having a great time then he said to me "take out your cock i want to watch you wank while sucking me" which i did it was relief as my cock pressing so hard on my trousers. I was sucking and wanking away he had his hand on the back of my head slightly fucking my mouth it was great i'm 28 now and have been missing out on a lot. He was now fucking my a bit harder and i knew i wasn't long before he was gonna come, i was thinking do i let him come in my mouth or not i did have much of of a choice he was holding the back of my and then he let out a big groan and came it shot straight down my throat then more i tried to swallow as much as could but he was still fucking my mouth and coming the taste wasn't that bad at all, but there lots of it, cum running down my chin he pulled his cock out of my mouth and stepped back and watched finish myself off with his cum dripping off my chin when i'd finished he smiled and let him self out.

I loved it went back several times sucking cock and getting sucked once every couple of weeks the best was a guy whilst sucking stuck a finger in my ass i came in seconds.

But i've changed areas with my job and when i'm feeling horney i find a loo but no luck in months. if any knows where there is toilet fun in essex let me know i want to take whole bi thing to the next level i want know what its like to have a cock in my arse, you never know it could you.