Written by Stephen

6 Mar 2006

Last year my boss asked if I could run a the Ideal Homes Exhibition.After a long tiring first day I returned to my hotel,phoned the wife to let her know I was missing her and what she could expect when I returned home,I was so horny.Then I went for a swim in the hotel`s pool to relax.

As I entered the mens lockeroom there was only one other guy there about my age towelling himself off.We nodded,turning he said,"you`re in luck,the pools empty tonight.",but I wasn`t really listening as I staring intensly at the sight of his cock,it must have been about 6" flacid,he saw me looking and just smiled.While we changed he asked if I was a guest or just using the hotels facilities,when I said guest,he said he was too.Then we went our seperate ways.

Returning to change,as I opened the locker door a small business card fell out,on it was written,"I saw you looking,if you`re interested I`m in room 310,call me,Alex".I thought about tossing it into the wastebin but instead slipped it into my trouser pocket.Back in my room I poured myself a very large whisky and re read his note again and again.Then I thought to myself why not,who would ever know,being away from home and alone in a hotel.Picking up the phone I dialed 310,when he answered I said"Is that Alex?,I got you`re note,its just that I have never done anything like this before I have always thought myself as straight."He sounded re-assuring and said why don`t I come to his room anyway the night was still young,we could talk,have a drink and maybe take it a step at a time,there would be no pressure.It seemed resonable enough we would be two friends having a evening together and agreed to drop by.Taking a deep breath I poured myself another large one for "dutch courage" and downed it in one,this wasn`t the time to backout now.

Alex opened the door as soon as I knocked and invited me in.He offered me another drink and bade me sit down on his bed.He asked what made me call him besides the obvious pointing to the bulge in his trousers,I replied that I was feeling horny and maybe curious to have an experience with another man.We talked for a little while,drank some more,before he suggested if I was still up for it we got a little more comfortable.Any inhibitions had gone thanks to the alcohol,I found myself removing my clothes,Alex was doing likewise with his.When we were both naked he guided me onto the bed and lay down alongside me.He told what he wanted me to do,to relax,trust him and anytime I felt uncomfortable,say so he would stop.He suggested we start with him fondling my cock and when I was ready,I should fondle his if I still wanted to go on.

As I felt his hand begin to massage my cock I expected myself to freeze,supprisingly I felt it spring into life and grow rapidly under his gentle caress it almost felt natural for him to be doing this to me.Seeing I was responding he asked how did it feel so far,I replied it felt good and was ready to take hold of his cock in return.Alex nodded and suggested we change positions slightly and lay head to toe so that we could appreciate not only the sight of each others cocks as we played with each other but it would also be more comfortable for the next stage he hoped to take me too.As Alex shuffled round his cock had already grown semi hard and was by now about 8" in length and twice the girth of when I had seen it earlier in the lockeroom.I reached out and took hold of it,my hand was barely able to close around his hardening shaft.Alex encouraged me to gently wank him,work his foreskin back,get closer,and see at first hand his glistening knobend.Obeying his every word I moved even closer,I could smell the chlorine from the pool and began to rub my hand up and down his cock.I needn`t have worried about lubricant as his cock began to ouse large ammounts of precum,my hand glided over its surface.Alex sighed and said how good that felt,I was handling it like a pro.

Pre-occupied in giving him the wank of his life I didn`t realise he had again shifted his position down by my cock.Suddenly I felt him take me into his mouth clampimg his lips firmly around my cock and swirling his tongue around the knob.He felt me tense and asked if I wanted him to stop,I said no,it was just that he had taken me by supprise.Alex returned to my cock,once again taking me deep into his mouth,his hand gently caressing my balls.It felt fantastic and made my wanking his cock feel so insignificent.I felt I should receipricate and take him into my mouth.Pulling his cock more closly towards me I placed it at my open mouth and tentatively licked at his precum.He sensed what I was doing and with a gentle thrust of his hips pushed the tip into my mouth,there was no going back,as my mouth became accustomed to its size I moved my head lower taking more of him into me.Moving my tongue over the veined shaft I felt him flex in appreciation.Now we were locked in a classic 69er Alex proceeded to work his magic on my cock.I wanted to cum,I needed to cum,I think Alex knew as well and sped up his movements till suddenly I was shooting my load down his throat,it was the biggest climax I had ever experienced and almost blacked out.When I had softened and slipped out of his mouth he kissed me gently on the balls and thanked me.

Alex rolled onto his back on the bed forcing his cock from my mouth and said as it was my first time he would not expect me to take his load in my mouth and that I should finish him off by hand.I argued that as he had given me such pleasure I should at least try to give him some back in return.He agreed and said he would let me know when he was about to cum so that if I should change my mind I could pull back.I moved over him straddling his chest,lowered myself down again taking him into my mouth.Earlier thoughts I had had about even replying to his card seemed far away I wanted him to cum in my mouth it was my goal,there was noway I was going to hold back,it was my way of saying thanks.Working his cock with my tongue and mouth I felt him build,true to his word he let me know he was nearly there, resulting in me doubling my efforts and clamping him ever tighter with my lips.He guessed what I was trying to achieve and let go.My mouth filled with his hot slightly salty tasting cum,swallowing the first load I felt his cock jerk again,a second load replaced the first.Swilling it around over my tongue I got the full appreciation of its taste,not unpleasant at all,something I wanted to savour again.Swallowing for the second time I could see the last remnants seeping from him and dived down to lap them up,I wanted him hard again as soon as possible,I wanted more.Alex laughed and said "Easy tiger you have come a long way tonight,lets just rest up for awhile,all will come to he who waits."

A little later after a short nap I awoke suddenly,there were no feelings of remorse or guilt what I had done>Alex stirred and hugged me,I felt his hardening cock nudging into the small of my back,needless to say I rolled over to see Alex smiling and motioning me to enjoy myself.I said only if he joined me so to speak,he said he needed no other invitation as he moved around the bed and we locked mouths on each others cocks for a second time.It was about midnight when we finally stopped.Alex wanted me to stay on but I said I wanted to but had better return to my room in case the maids caught us.Alex asked as I dressed how long I was staying at the hotel,his eyes lit up when I said all week.He added that maybe we could perhaps meet up again the following evening and who knows pick up where we had left off.I said ok but with only one stipulation could we start a little earlier,I so wanted to repeat the experience.Alex nodded and told me in that case to come to his room as soon as I could and asked if I trusted him.When I asked why,he said if I did,was I prepared to take things that little step further,was I willing to cross the line,would my curiosity allow us to have full sex with one another.I said I would need time to think,we should take this one step at a time.He nodded in agreement and I returned to my room his propersition pondering in my head.I didn`t get much sleep milling over what I had got myself into.The following day at the show my mind was elsewhere and was glad to get back to my hotel room to sit alone and think things through.Then after a couple of stiff drinks I made my mind up,picking up the phone,once again dialled 310.Alex asked if I had given any thought to what he had said,I said yes and asked if it would hurt as I wasn`t sure about the possible pain.Alex said what ever happens he would be gentle with me.

The next thing I knew I was getting undressed in his room while he told me what to expect,the same rules applied,if I wasn`t happy he would stop.Positioning some pillows on the bed he told me to lay face down on them down with my legs slightly parted.From a bedside drawer he removed a large tube of KY jelly and smeared it around my bumhole.Taking a condom from the wrapper he rolled it onto his cock before applying more jelly to the end.Positioning himself between my legs he lowered himself down and rubbed his cock up and down the crack between my arse cheeks.He said he would be as gentle as he could but there might be some pain but it wouldn`t last.I nodded and said lets do it.I felt his weight over me alter and the end of his cock nudging my rear.The pressure seemed to increase and I felt myself being forced open.Slowly I could feel his cock gaining more space,I could hear him telling me to relax.Gently he applied a little more pressure and more of his cock slid in,then I heard him say here we go and he was in me proper,the pain was intense but in minutes soon subsided as we lay together.Alex asked if I was ok and could he continue.When I said ok to both questions I felt him ease me up and placing his hands on my hips move even deeper into my back passage.Then he was moving in and out of me slowly at first then speeding up till finally I felt his cock flex inside me,I swear I could feel the condom fill with his cum.After he withdrew He helped me to the bathroom and into a hot bath to relax.Talking through my experience he asked how was it,I could only ask him when was it my turn.Not long afterwards I discovered the delights of what he had done to me previously.

The rest of the week pasted so quickly,I was sad when it came to say our goodbyes.Alex gave me his mobile number in case I was in the mood for a repeat meeting.When I got home it was easy to put the wife on hold for a couple of days while I recouperated feigning that the show had taken more out of me(and put more into me if only she knew).