Written by Frank and Sue

10 Nov 2003

Saturday night once again and time for some more fun only this time with a difference. We had placed an ad in swinging heaven and out of the dozens of replies we chose a guy who claimed to have a huge cock and sent a lovely picture to prove it.

Sue took great care with her appearance and put her make up on a touch heavy before dressing up in her schoolgirl outfit, tiny black skirt, blouse open nearly to the waist, tiny black panties black holdups and black high heels. She looked sensational and as I drove out to the sandhills I let my fingers slip under her skirt and over her pussy which was soaking wet with anticipation.

We parked up in our usual place and after ten minutes or so the silver car we were expecting drove in, saw us and pulled up right next to us.

I started to kiss Sue and fondle her tits and out of the corner of my eye I saw the other car door open and our contact Joe got out and stood by Sue's door. I pointed to our door handle and he opened it immediately and knelt down beside Sue. He moved my hand away and slipped his into her open blouse and started to fondle her tits and pinch her nipples. We took off her top coat and I wound her seat right back as Joe opened the last couple of buttons on her blouse and took both her naked tits in his hands and gently caressed and massaged them, pinching her nipples until they were rock hard. Sue was breathing very heavily as he moved one of his hands down and slipped it under her skirt, lifting it up to expose her tiny, black panties and her hand reached out for my cock as his fingers pulled her panties to one side and eased into her wet, juicy cunt. " God you are sexy" he said as his fingers pushed deep into her cunt and finger fucked her. She was really moaning and heaving now as I stroked her clit as Joe continued to ram his fingers into her cunt and she had a lovely come.

Joe moved her left leg until it was out of the car and her pussy was completely exposed and again pulling her panties to one side started to lick her out as I fondled her tits and pulled hard on her erect nipples. She was really noisy now as Joe licked her puss and I could see her hand desperately trying to reach his cock so he stood up and unzipped his jeans and took out a really big cock. Sue moaned and said, " Oh Christ" as she took it in both hands and gently started to wank him off.

Suddenly I became aware that another guy had come up to the car and he reached in and started to feel her tits as I slipped my fingers back into her puss and finger fucked her really hard as Joe was grunting and groaning as she wanked him for all she was worth.

Just then another couple of guys came up so we stopped and shut the door until they had gone and Sue told me she wanted to be fucked so I told Joe and the other guy that we were going to the picnic benches across the field and that they were welcome to follow us.

As soon as we got to the bench I stretched her out on the bench, opened her coat wide and kneeling down started to lick her cunt. The other two immediately started to suck her nipples and touch her all over and soon she was writhing and heaving all over the place so I stood up and eased my rigid cock into her soaking wet cunt and fucked her furiously. Sexily I could feel Joe's fingers on my cock as I rammed it up her cunt as hard as I could and Sue was loving having six hands all over her body, feeling her tits and stroking her puss.

Suddenly she reached out and took both their pricks in her hands and started to wank them off, it didn't take long and soon they both come all over her tits and face.

Shortly after we left and as soon as we got home I stretched her out on the table and fucked the arse off her.