Written by Graham

9 Jan 2005

Last night my wife and I were invited to a male friend’s 65th birthday party in a local pub. There were people of all ages there from 20 to 70 but I found myself constantly staring at a woman called Felicity who is in her mid 50’s. I had seen her before a couple of times, but had never spoken to her. Although she is getting on, it is obvious when looking at her that she was a stunner when she was younger and she has a really sexy aura about her.

There was a live band and when they started playing everyone moved towards the stage. My wife and I ended up standing beside Felicity and her husband and soon started chatting. Her husband was a pretty drunk but a right flirt and was pouring the charm on to my wife, without any hope of success because she likes young guys (apart from me of course!).

At about 10.00 my wife decided to go home. She had been out with friends the night before and was still suffering. Felicity’s husband turned his attentions to another woman leaving me to chat up Felicity. The band took a break but before they did they played “California Dreamin” by the Mamas and Papas. Felicity and I were talking about the song which led to a discussion about the 60’s. I am 40 and too young to have experienced the 60’s as an adult but Felicity had been a teenager through the era of “free love”. Somehow the conversation got round to the promiscuity of the 60s and she admitted to me that it had been great fun and she had fucked everything that moved before she married.

I was getting a bit tipsy and was staring at her a bit absent-mindedly thinking about her as a “flower power” child and wishing I could have a bit of free love with her when our eyes locked. She asked me something along the lines of whether I was ok and I don’t know why but I just said “you are so beautiful”. I thought she seemed a little offended at first and I immediately regretted saying it, but then she leaned over to me and said “help me get Peter (her husband) home and stay for a coffee”. I was a bit stunned and not quite sure that I had heard her correctly but she started saying goodbye to people and then went and got Peter who was now fairly pissed and staggering.

Their house is only around the corner from the pub on the same road as mine so it wasn’t much of a problem getting Peter home. We put him to bed in his shirt and underwear and he instantly conked out. Felicity took my hand and led me downstairs to the kitchen. As soon as we got through the kitchen door she grabbed me and we started kissing passionately. She is such a sexy kisser. My dick got hard almost immediately and she must have felt it pressing against her. Her hand started rubbing it and undoing my trousers. When she had them undone she knelt down and pulled them and my boxers down releasing my erect cock. She licked up and down the shaft and around the head which felt amazing. After a few minutes of her oral expertise I pulled her up and started undoing her blouse. I removed it and her bra exposing her beautiful, big tits. They are still incredibly firm and pert for her age. I licked and sucked on them for a while and then made my way south. I undid her skirt and pulled down her woollen tights. As I was about to pull down her knickers she told me to come into the lounge so we could get comfortable on the sofa.

She lay down on the sofa and I removed her knickers revealing a lovely big bush of hair. I dived in and licked her to an orgasm and kept going till she came 3 times. She tasted divine and I couldn’t get enough of her. After she came for the third time she pulled me up and told me to fuck her. I positioned myself on top of her and slid my cock into her wet cunt. She was incredibly wet and juicy. I fucked her hard for a while but I started to get a bit tired so slowed down to a more leisurely pace. Felicity came again and after a bit of a pause we started fucking again. As we did she kept talking to me telling me how good I felt inside her and how gorgeous I was. It was so horny and something I had never experienced before. She licked my neck and kept whispering in my ear to fill her up with my spunk and how much she wanted to feel me come inside her. She seemed to know when I was about to come and wrapped her legs around me pulling me deep into her as I exploded inside her. We kissed and cuddled for a while and then I got up and got dressed.

We had another long kiss before I left and she gave me her phone number and told me to ring her on Tuesday morning. I can’t wait.