Written by The master

29 Mar 2006

It all started when my missus was stressed out with working, kids and the house when she suggested we get an Au pair. We gave our details to the agency and before we knew it Angelique was on her way. When we saw her pictures she was no stunner but on arrival it was obvious her pictures did not do her justice. She was slim with great legs and firm tits. She settled in quickly and would do some chores round the house. During meals I began to notice her paying me rather more attention than expected and as time passed she would comedowwn to breakfast in her shory night dress with her firm nipples clearly visible. Later she would make a habit of coming outt of her bedroom while I was at the foot of the stairs and flash the tops of her legs and open them enough to give me a flash of her hairy fanny. Gradually she began coming out of thr shower with just ba towel on and I found myself dreaming about her regularly. Then the day arrived when I left for work and half way t the office I realised that I had forgotten my computer and returned to the house. I was not expecting anyone to be home so I opened the front door and raced upstairs. As I approached our bedroom I heared a thud. I slowly entered to find the naked Angelique on the floor looking very flustered and her fanny was glistening. she stood up and tried to pass me but I blocked her path. Her erect nipples were infront of me and I pilled her toward me and kissed her hard on the mouth. her thinly veiled resistance crumbled and our tongues entwined, I eased my finger into her moist pussy and felt her wet ness, she gasped and said she was dreaming of this and wanted me in my bed. I layed her onto the bed and kissed down her body slowly circling each nipple while coninuing to finger her. Slowly I kissed down to her pussy and sank my tongue into her mist heaven. This was too much and shebe gan thrusting her pussy onto my tongue screeaming 'fuck me with your tongue you bastard'. I raised my head and knelt on the bed. Roughly, I pulled her hair and guided her head onto my bulge. she quickley released by cock and slipped it into her mouth. Still holding her hair I began to fuck the bitches mouth. ' You like sucking your masters cock' 'Oh yes' she cried 'and you are now mine to use as I wish' she nodded and suckeed harder, sliding my shaft deeper into her mouth until she almost gagged on it. I increased the pace, felt a twitch and started shooting my load into her mouth. 'swallow it all you French slut' She duly oblidged.and shelooked uo at me with some of my hot spunk dripping from the corner of her slutty mouth.

To be continued