Written by Fred

18 May 2005

Reading Ray's story about the guy he met on the train reminded me of the time I had my first gay experience.

I was a young soldier at the time going home to Scotland for my first leave since I had joined up. As I was catching the night train I had some time to kill in London and decided to go to one of the small cinemas around Kings Cross station. At that time there were no blue movies as such but some of the small cinemas showed, for the time, rather daring French movies.

I settled in the cinema which was half empty and after a while decided that the film was just boring and was about to leave when a woman came in and although there was plenty of room she came and sat down next to me. In a few minutes I felt her knee rub against mine and thinking it was accidental I moved slightly and to my delight her knee followed me. She had taken off her coat when she sat down and now moved it to cover both our laps and her hand moved under the coat and on to my thigh. By now I had a real hard-on and I tentatively put my hand on her knee feeling her nylon stocking. She pressed her leg against mine and moved her hand further up until she was caressing my hard cock through my trousers. As she started to undo my flies I moved my hand up over her stocking top on to her bare thigh. Then as she spread her legs I moved it right up over her silk knickers and found to my complete and utter consternation a hard throbbing cock. My first instinct was to leap up and run then excitement and curiosity got the better of me and I found that my cock had got even harder as I felt "her" cock through the knickers. Realising that I wasn't upset by feeling her cock she turned and kissed me at the same time pushing her hand into my trousers and caressing my bare cock.

She whispered that she lived quite near and would I like to go back to her place. I quickly agreed and we went back to her flat. Once inside we began kissing and caressing and undressed each other and after creaming each other up I slid my cock up her arse and fucked her in her suspenders and stockings. Then she gave me my first arse fuck and we then spent the rest of the day until my train time fucking and sucking each other.

She had converted me totally to gay sex and the wearing of women's underwear.