Written by dave gill

2 Nov 2005

I married a french girl nine years ago. corrine is now 39. we have couple of kids and live in the east midlands. my name is dave and this story is absolutely true.

After living together for five years we decided to do the proper thing and got married in poitiers, corrines home town.The best way to describe my wife is as dark and voluptuous with a lust for life.

I have always thought of myself as broad-minded and was pretty experienced with the opposite sex. Saying that, i did find Corrine much more open to exploring and letting me know exactly what she wants in bed than i had been used to with most women i had been with. she was always great with my mates. By that i mean when the banter got heavy in our local after the beer kicked in, she would always be in there giving better than she got. One of her favourite things to say to the boys was that they were obviously typical surpressed english men who could only communicate with women when pissed.

Anyway, after twelve or thirteen years together, as i think happens with most couples, things didnt exactly get stale between us but were definately on the wane compared to our first years together. Corrine wasnt slow to notice this and admitted she felt we had let our bedroom life fall.

we decided to get away for a weekend, leaving the kids with my sister. Now i know this sounds pretty common for couples to do when they want to spice things up but trust me what Corrine had in mind was far from what i considered usual.

she booked us into a country hotel in chauvigny, not far from poitiers. we arrived on a thursday night to a beautiful chateaux converted to a luxury hotel. it was pretty late when we arrived and after a small supper we went to our room. i was starting to feel under a bit of pressure to make this a special night in the bed and to be honest was glad when corrine said she was really in need of sleep. she duely nodded off. i stayed up for a bit and flicked on the tv. At first i only got a few european news channels, but then i got to the first of about twelve porn channels. Not unusual except these all seemed to be very amateur in quality and didnt seemed staged like normal porn. the people in them were all shapes and sizes, practically people you could pass on the street any day of the week. i watched a bit and hit the sack myself.

Next morning we rose early and went to sample the facilities of the hotel. had a swim, sauna and then went into the steam room. this is when i first started to think this wasnt an ordinary hotel. inlaid into the wall tiles was a mosaique of an orgy featuring about a dozen people.not so strange on its own, but then it hit me that one scene i had seen on the porno channel was definately set in this very room. i remembered it well because it featured a plump lady getting absolutely hammered by a young black guy with a truly impressive cock. I straight away mentioned this to Corrine. she found it highly amusing at first and then decided to fill me in on what this weekend was really about. apparently this hotel was an exclusive french swingers getaway. she imformed me she had booked it online and it had been incredibly hard to get in. the club has a very high looks code and were a bit unsure about us, not due to the pics that corrine had sent in ,but due to the fact we had an English address. they have had a couple of bad experiences, apparently, with some english couples over the years.

After getting over my initial shock, i asked corrine what she expected us to get into over the weekend. Nothing she replied. she expected noting but wanted to put us into a completely new enviroment and see what happens. Now, it seemed to me was a good time for a stiff drink.

All i could think about was the porn id seen the last night. Now i would have absolutely no prob being present at such an occasion but the thought of joining in and seeing my wife in the middle of it was something i didnt think i could live with. After thinking about it and knowing Corrine wouldnt allow us to getting into anything one of us would be uncomfortable with, i decided to kick back and see wkat the weekend brought.

After a day in poitiers visiting Corrines family we got back to the chataeux and changed for dinner in our room. corrine looked gorgeous in a mid length black dress covering matching black knickers and bra.

The dining room was empty when we walked in at about nine. we decided to go to the bar and this too was nearly empty except for one guy whom i can only describe as the spitting image of giant haystacks who used to wrestle on the tv when i was a kid. this bloke must have been 6" 7 and seventeen stone. so much for the looks code!

After about a half hour the place had aabout twenty people in when a gong was sounded to say dinner was being served. we headed back into the dining room and found a tsble for two where we could see most of the room. this was until giant haystaccks sat at the table in front of us on his own. at one stage he turned arond as if looking for someone and corrine said bonjour to which he grunted something in french, charming bloke.

we finished our dinner and headed back to the bar where there were quite a few couples and one girl on her own who i can say was one of the most beautiful women i have ever laid eyes on. slim, about 5"9 and with the most gorgeous coplexion.

Nothing much happened fo an hour so i concentrated on sampling quite a few of th local brandies with Corrine. After a while i was nicely buzzing and people seemed to be drifting away. not wanting to be left in the bar on our own we decided to follow a couple to see where everybody was heading. we climbed a winding stair case and walked through a set of double doors into a not too large ball room with resident d.j.

i could tell straight away the atmosphere had changed.