Written by dave gill

3 Nov 2005

Even after having drunk quite a few brandies i must admit i was feeling pretty nervous as we settled into the disco room. people were now openly eyeing each other up. i must admit i was getting some seriously sexy looks from some seriosly beautiful women but was also aware of corrine getting attention from a lot of guys. some were blokes i knew she really wouldnt be into but some were genuinely good looking fit blokes.

we found a spot near the bar and i asked her what she was thinking? before she answered the d.j

made an annoucement in french which was followed by a great gallic cheer. the lights dimmed and two guys appeared from behind the bar. the floor cleared and they took centre stage. after a couple of minutes doing some kind of disco dancing stuff they started to undress each other. both were what i would call fit looking blokes. one black one white. then as i was getting a bit bored by it all, the white guy kneels down and takes the black lads boxers down and starts to suck his limp cock. it was like watching a car crash, i knew i didnt want to look but couldnt stop myself. the black guy got hard pretty quick and i suddenly realised he was the guy who i had seen giving it hard to the plump lady. as soon as he was hard he returned the favour to his dance partner.

Now we are looking at two young studs showing off two fairly large hard ons in the middle of a very wound up crowd. next thing they walked into the middle of the crowd and women were suddenly groping them, feeling them and one or two went down and sucked them.....

Then all of a sudden they pulled away and were back in the middle of the floor. After a quick whispering session they moved quickly back into the mob and appeared with a woman, 40ish, size 14 dressed immaccuately. she was giggling and looking back into the crowd, presumabley to whoever she was with. All the time the guys were feeling her all over and even though she protested a bit, i wasnt convinced.

After a couple of minutes the white guy put his head up under her dress. she suddenly stopped smiling and a serious expression came over her. the place now got quiet. you could hear her moaning. next thing he came out from under her dress and whispered to her. she beckoned towards the bar and a nervous looking bloke came forward. the woman and he had a quick chat and to roars of delight he nodded. at this a chair was brought forward into the the middle of the floor. the lady was promptlytaken toward it and knelt on the seat of it with her arms on the back. then the black guy, who hadnt stopped playing with his impressive dick, whispered to the man. the man then knelt down and started licking hi partner from behind.

I was now, for the first time geting seriously turned on....



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