Written by dave gill

4 Nov 2005

At the bar corrine starts chatting to a middle aged couple. my french is pretty bad so she translated that this was there first time there too although they informed us thst there were plenty of places around france quite like it. i was abit worried that they were gonna suggest we get together with them. even tho they seemed nice people and i was horny as hell they were simply not really attractive people. but after a bit of chat they said there good byes and headed towards a few wide steps with double doors at the top.

Corrine must have got some kind of run down on the place off the couple as she told me thats where all the action takes place. bloody hell, i thought,what the fuck else are we gonna see.

Anyway we had a few more drinks and noticed quite a few more couples heading through the doors and we decided to chegk it out. we had a quick chat and decided as soon as one of us felt uncomfortable that was it. we would leave.

we went up through the doors into a dimly lit corridor with quite a few doors off it. some were bedrooms and some were kind of drawing rooms with couches in them. one had a massive piano in it. most people were just milling about the corridor but one door way seemed to be attracting a crowd. we went up to it and had a look inside. there was a very heavy guy, naked from the waist down, getting a blow job from an equally big lady. it was hardly an erotic sight compared to what we had witnessed earlier.

corrine seemed to be enjoying it as she started to rub my crotch. next to her was a quite a short sallow skinned bloke with a tall fairly skinny girl. He noticed corrine touching me and gave me a smile with the whitest teeth i have ever seen. next thing i notice his hand move towards corrines thigh and gently rub it. she quickly looked down at his hand and then back to me without trying to stop him. i just gave a stupid shrug. i mean i wasnt really sure what the proper procedure is in this situation. he kapt rubbing her leg while watching the heavy couple. i was actually starting to feel a bit of a gooseberry. then the skinny girl comes over and gives my arse anice rub. corrine gives me a beatiful smile. this apparently is intro duction time. the guy says he is eric. i still cannot remember the gilrs name. he seemed to think it was quite amusing when he found i was english. after a few words with corrine they left. corrine informed me they had gone to the next room and we were welcome to join them. corrine didnt give any clue as to whether she wanted to or not.i just stood there dumb. had another look at the heavy couple who hadnt seemed to have moved an inch. corrine then gives my hand a tug and pulls me out into the hall. the door next door is half open so we walk in. they are in there just standing and drinking. as soon as we get in the skinny girl locks the door. my mouth is preety dry at this stage. not much is said. the room has no bed but does have a long couch. Eric sits down and his girl approaches him and gives him a long kiss. she then kneels down and starts undoing his belt. he slips his shoes and socks off as she pulls down his trousers and boxers.he is not erect. she plays with his cock for a bit and then goes down on him. he doesnt stay soft for long. i remember being happy that he wasnt any bigger than me. its funny what thoughts pop into tour head at tiumes.

corrine decides on the next move and sits me down along the couch a bit. i am soon trouserless too. corrine starts to suckme. and bugger all is happening. i look over at the couple and see he is watching us. this seems to have some effect onme as i soon start getting hard. i was starting to relax and enjoy the situation when erics girl stops at him and comes towards us on her knees. corrine stops and looks at her. nothing is actually said but the girl gives a kind of "may i" look. corrine never even looked at me she just kind of moved her head away and pointed my cock towards her. i really did think i was gonna stop breathing. the girl then takes my cock from corrine and dollops a bg slob of saliva all over it, gives it a rub and then starts sucking me. i looked at corrine and she has this silly quizzical look on her face. i watch then as, still on her knees she moves over to eric. she gives his cock a few rubs then takes him into her mouth. all sorts are going threw my head. i remember at one stage thinking about our children. this spell is broken when eriic stands and pulls corrine up. he then starts to pull her dress up. she lifts her arms to help. he then pulls her knickers down an she steps out of them. she looks good.

He brings her round the back of the couch and pushes her over it. her hands are now leaning next to where im sitting. i can tell he is trying to enter her. he seemed to be having troule as he isnt the tallest bloke. i know when he did cos she gives out a low moan. i have some knot in my stomach at this stage. he starts to pump her slowly. almost respectfully. then he speeds up a bit and corrine starts to get a bit more vocal. she then grabs my hand. this is too much for me and i can feel im about to come. the girl realises this and takes her mouth away. she just starts wanking me quite fast. i come pretty quick. a fair load shoots out. mostly over her hand but i notice a splash on her neck. i feel a bit pissed off. i havent returned any favour to this girl and to be honest i hadnt lasted too long. she seemed ok aboutit as she kissed me then went over to eric and kissed him as he still pumped into corrine. he then stops and brings corrine to the floor in front of the couch.

he lays her on her back and puts her ankles on his shoulders, pushes them back and enters her. he is now not holding back and really goes for it.

Im just sitting there. i have never felt more self concious in my life. erics girl just lays down and watches. im relly hoping this will be over soon. then i hear asound i recognise. corrine is closing towards an orgasm.

when she comes its not as loud as i feel she normally is. im still not sure was this out of respect for me. i was interested to see what would happen next cos i know when corrine comes during sex she finds it uncomfortable to carry on. sure enough she puts her palm out as if to say enough! eric to his credit stops immediately. she flips around and takes him into her mouth while pumping his cock furiously. i knew she wanted him to come soon. it didnt take long. he made a massive groan and corrine moved her head away but kpt pumping him til a fairly large dollop of come flew out of him. quite a bit of it hit corrines bra which had never been removed.

after saying goodbyes and kisses they left leaving us sitting alone. i relly was completely confused. didnt know what to think. except that we had two more nights here....