Written by SUZY Q

5 Sep 2005

it was like any other friday except this friday she would make sure turned out much differently to others, she had finished work early and had gone home to get ready to go out. she had recently bought herself some new underwear the kind you find in those erotic catalogues and had full intentions of getting full use out of it. she was going to wear her shortest skirt and her tightest top to show off her ample curves of 36dd-26-34. after her shower she slowly dried herself and began preparing her body for a night of passion. she knew he would be waiting for her at the pub by now but decided she was worth waiting for she decided to wear her strap on vibe so that she was fully charged when she got there. as she entered the pub she could see that he had not come alone just what she wanted to see she was pleased he had made an effort. she was very turned on by now and could feel herself getting wetter and wetter after they had drank a few drinks she signalled to him to come out side with his friend as they walked she began feeling both of thier dicks they were growing by the seconed in her hands and she liked the feeling they soon found somewhere where they could get down and dirty and thats just what she wanted she slowly undid their pants and released their dicks into the night air she began to lick and suck like she had never tasted dick before she switched herself on and began stripping to reveal her in all her glory black bodice black hold ups and strap on vibe this sent them wild and they both started to touch her and could feel just how wet she was she was begging for them to take her she did not care who would see she bent over and took one cock in to her mouth and begged to have another in her ass as that was her only available hole soon they were rocking in unison and she was moaning in delight it was the first time she had been spit roasted and was loving every min of it. as he pumped her she turned her vibe up higher he could feel the vibrations and it was too much for him to handle he whiped out his cock and she turned to him as he shot his load all over her face she greedly drank and sucked him dry as his friend took her from behind as he entered her gaping ass she felt herself tighten round his cock and suck him in deep he had never before felt such a wet ass and proceeded to fuck her hard she was begining to feel herself throb from her clit to her ass she could not control herself any longer and slowly began to have the deepest orgasm of her life while he shot his load deep insde her she smiled with sweet contentment she loved the feeling of hot spunk in her.