Written by Micheal

22 Jul 2005

Jo my next door neighbour is divorced and although she has had a string of men friends calling she seems rather close to her friend Dee.Last month Jo asked if I minded looking at her washing machine as if was playing up.Leaving me a key to let myself in,she and Dee were going out on the town.About 19:00 I let myself in and was about to start on the machine when I heard giggling from upstairs.Carefully I climbed the stairs and crossed the landing to where the noises were coming from.Through the slightly ajar door I could see Jo and Dee both half dressed engaged in a 69er.As each licked at each others exposed cunts they let out satisfying moans.Then from beneath the pillow Dee produced a large purple dildo which she inserted into Jo`s slit and quickly frigged her to climax.Swiftly changing positions Jo returned the favour on Dee.

When they finished and began to get dressed I carefully went back downstairs the vision of what I had seen still clear in my mind.About half an hour later both appeared in the kitchen fully dressed and made up for a night on the town.Jo asked how long I had been there,I said just got here why have I missed something.Dee said I should have come round earlier,there was never a man around when you needed one.Eager for her to explain,she said that had I been there we wouldn`t be going out now.

Jo looked at Dee and said well he`s here now and both grabbed me and dragged me upstairs.Both quickly undressed and helped me out of my clothes.Then in turn they asked me to screw them.While I pumped into Jo,Dee squatted over Jo`s face grinding her mound onto her mouth and tongue.Having cum deep inside Jo,Dee then moved between her friends legs and licked her out completing Jo`s orgasm.The sight of her licking out her mate brought me immediately hard again and I slipped into Dee from behind.I rode her to orgasm and we came together.As I slumped back onto the bed Jo moved between Dee`s thighs and licked her clean.

Jo`s washing machine never got fixed that night as we three spent the rest of the night pleasuring each other,with Jo and Dee giving me a repeat performance of their girl on girl action I had witnessed earlier.