Written by Danny

13 Jun 2005

Just had an amazing experience, two old friends of our Jill and Kev were at a local wedding and stayed overnight with us. Jill is about 52 very slim with little boobs and looks very prim and proper. My wife tells me that Jill has lots of sexy underwear wich I found hard to believe. Nothing has ever happened between us other than the usual kiss and cuddle at parties etc. I got up early on Sunday and sat in the conservatory with a cup of tea. I heard a noise in the kitchen and though my wife must be up, a couple of minutes later Jill walked in with a cuppa. She looked amazing in a short vest top and pale blue hipster pants that were very tranparent. She was surprised to see me and said I'm sorry I didnnt know anyone was up I had better go and put something decent on as I feel half naked. I was only in my boxers and said don't bother for me as the view is fine. The view was a very hairy bush easily visible through her knickers. She looked at me and said yes I can see that glancing at my rapidly arising cock. She leant over to put her cup in the table and I took a chance and brushed my finger down the front of her knickers - Dont start something you wont finish she said but didn't move so I thought why not and slipped mu hand inside her knickers, she was very hot and just starting to get moist. she reached down and pulled my cock out and started to wank me, by now she was very wet and I slipped a couple of fingers inside. She gasped looked towards to house and quickly pulled her knickers to one site saying lets not mess about be quick. she straddled me and I slipped into a very wet cunt. We were both very exited and I came after only a few thrusts pumping spunk up into her as she shuddered herself. After a minute or so of gentle rocking she got off my cock gave me a kiss and said I think I'd better clean up as a very damp patch was growing on the front of her knickers. She ran off upstairs for a shower. Later over breakfast we kept looking at each other and getting dtrange looks from our partners. We are off to stay with them next moth so I,m hoping for a repeat.