Written by stockingwatcher

19 Oct 2006

I have recently started to have fun with a good friend and his wife, he wanted to see her with another man.

This started off by been at their house one night helping do some handy work, when his wife was dressed very sexily. She had a short skirt tight top and black stockings on- even though she always dressed like this - there was never any sign that she wanted to go with another man.

At the end of the night - he asked what I thought of his wife. I said that looking like that she was very sexy!He then asked if i would like to take things further?

asking what - he said have some fun. I thought that this was too good to be true.

He then instructed his wife to kisss me- bearing in mind we were already good friends - she certainly gave me more than a peck and I responded by stroking her bum through her tight skirt - feeling the straps of her suspender belt. I was bursting to get my cock out and give her one - instead she kept kissing me and stroked his cock through his trousers before unleashing and wanking him. All the time she continued to kiss me, i then decided to try my luck in getting into her panties - low and behold she wasnt wearing any. This allowed me accesss to her damp pussy and i started to finger her - rubbing her clitty.

She rested against the wall, anbd started to buck under my attention - at that moment my mate then said he was coming and shot his load all over her stockinged legs and feet. I continued to frig her until she came loudly. The atmosphere was electric and we all stood in disbelief at what had happened? I made my excuses and left - not without the promise of a further session and a long tongue in my mouth kiss off my new found sex partner

I now find myself looking for further fun in the North East area - my wifes friend willing to join me in some of these games