Written by Jack

16 May 2006

My motherinlaw, Mary, came to visit one day some months ago, not difficult, as she only lives some hundreds of yards away; she visits often but this story happened some months ago. She came in and sat on the couch. I offered her a cup of tea then after making it sat back down in my arm-chair; my wife, her daughter, was sat on the other arm-chair facing her mother. We chatted away about nothing and I was wishing it was time for bed. I was just sat listening to mother and daughter chat when a mad idea came to me'I thought it a wild idea if I could finger my motherinlaw, Mary, while she and her daughter talked and do this without, Margaret, knowing! It would not be the first time I had fingered my Motherinlaw, and if you want to here more stories, just ask. Anyway, I had an idea how. I yawned and said, 'I can hardly keep my bloody eye's open.....'

'Go to bed then,' my wife said.

'Too early,' I replied......then, 'I will try and get a nod here in my chair, wake me up at 11, I asked.'

I snuggled down into my chair and pretended to try and sleep...after only moments I started moving around; I did this for about five minutes, tossing and turning.

I waited a little longer then said, 'this is no bloody good.'

I then stood, picking my cushion off of the chair I moved to the couch, 'you dont mind me putting my head in your lap,' I said to Mary?' giving her no chance to object I put the cushion onto her legs and climbing onto the couch lay down.

'So a I am a pillow now am I' Mary, said?

'Yes, and a good soft one,' I replied.

At first I turned to face my wife, I did not want to give anything away by going streight into my plan of action.

I lay like that for a minute or so then turned over to face my motherinlaws belly.

'Stop moving around,' she complained, then carried on talking to her daughter.

'men,' she said, 'they are like children.'

When I had turned to face her I had moved my hand and lower arm under the cushion so that it was in the right possition for my next step and out of sight of my wife.

Slowly, I began to move my hand so that it was resting on Mary's, pubic area and once there started flexing my fingers. I instantly felt Mary, jump slightly...contact....!

As my wife's mother had on teousers with an elasticated band, she never wore any other kind of trousers and many of her skirts were the same, it made things easier.

Every so often she would move ever so slightly.

'Why don't you go to bed,' she said.

I knew I was getting to her and that she was getting hot.

'I am ok here,' I replied, 'you make a great pillow and I have found a use for motherinlaws.'

With that, both daughter and mother carried on talking.

I then, very slowly, moved my hand up the the elasticated band of Mary's trouser top.

Ever so slowly I slid my finger tips into the band oh her tights and nickers and ever, ever so slowly sliped it down towards her pubic hair, Mary, moved again, this time more obveouse.

'I am getting cramp,' she said, hiding the fact that she was getting turned on.

I had the feeling that if I gave her the choice for me to stop or carry on, she would not know which to chose. I also knew that being fingered by her daughters husband, in-front of her daughter, without her daughter knowing, would be a great turn on for her.

'Stop moaning,' I told her, smiling to myself.

My fingers moved slowly through her pubic hair until it found her clit.....she twisted her hips, again ever so slightly and at the same time, her thighs parted a little.

Gently I stroked her clit and cunt lips....she was soaking wet.

'Are you ok, mum,' my wife said?'

'Yes, love, why?'

My wife, replied, 'your face looks odd...'

'Oh, it's nothing, love, just had a slight panic attack.

'Is Jack, to heavy for you,' Margaret, added?

'No, love...I am ok.'

They carried on talking again.

My fingers slipped into mary's cunt....this time, she really did jump.

'Mum, are you sure you'r ok...you look...well...not you?'

'Shhhh, I am fine...I just jumped....I get these panic attact sometimes....don't worry, they pass.'

'If you'r sure mum.'

'I am sure love, don't be such a worry.'

As they talked with concern, I had carried on fingering, not pausing for an instant.

After a moment I felt my motherinlaws, hips push onto my fingers, once twice three times.

'Would you like a cup of tea, mum,' my wifem asked her mum?

'Yes, I would love one,' she replied.

Her daughter got up and went into the kitchen.

Mary, grasped my hand and began thusting onto it, moaning, ohhhhhhh, as she did so.

'You'r mad,' she said, thrusting all the time.

'Do you want me to stop, ' I asked.

'Don't you dare,' she replied, 'I have gone to fare now to stop....make me cum when she sits back down....it's driving me daft.'

My wife, came back into the room with the tea, she placed the cups down then sat.

I waited a moment then as I carried on fingering I placed my thumb onto her clit...I felt her legs open a little more...she was now very quiet but not aware of it. I knew my motherinlaw was close to cumming.

'Mum...mum...you are scaring my....your face is bright red...what's wrong?'

'Mary started rocking back and forth, her hips moving side to side.

'I am ok,' she gasped...'it's just come over me again,'

She began to pant a little, 'ahh...ahh...ahhh.

My wife got up and came over, she put her arm around her mum, just as she came....'ahhhhh,' she groaned, 'ohhhh.'

Mary's cunt and thighs tightened and her hips moved forward with a jerk...she had cum......

I lifted my head and said with sleepy eyes, 'what's wrong?'

Mary, looked down at me, her face was damp, red and flushed; she smiled at me, 'nothing,' she replied, 'I am fine now....I feel a lot better!?'

I sat up.....