Written by fi & steve

31 May 2005

I am Fi, and my b/f is called steve. We have a very healthy sex life. We always talk about me having sex with another guy but I never give in, i love my hubby too much for that, and his beautiful cock. We love to try out various sx scenes, it adds to the fun. One very popular one is having sex in the car, we used to do it a lot becuase we couldnt find anywhere else to do it at either of our parents houses. So the car was ideal all year round, but often outside in the warmer summer months.

On one of our step back in time scenes when we just fancied a fuck in the car as a bit of fun even though we had a nice comfortable bed which was well used. We parked in a quiet spot , got in the back and started kissing and groping each other. It was evening and dark outside, so we knew there were no families about. We eventually stripped each other off and getting down to some serious oral work on one another, a must for any couple.

Steve was really ready , very hard and erect with all the playing and teasing and sucking i had been doing to his beautiful cock. I slipped a leg over hi and placed his bulbous knob at the opening to my love hole and sank slowly but firmly down on to him. As i reached rock bottom he was buried deep inside me, we just stopped becuase the penetration had taken our breath away, as we stopped we head a noise from outside. Steve saw a guy about in his 40's peering through the window, and it was clear he had his cock in his hand wanking away. Steve told me what was happening and at first i felt like saying stop and driving off. But as he was telling me he was sliding in and out, and feeling my very sensitive nipples.

I turned to look at the guy and could see his eyes were transfixed on my tits, seeing them bounce up and down as steve fucked me. Come on steve i said, lets give him a bit of a show. We started fucking harder and harder, faster and faster, steve was really dricing his lovelly cock right up insdie my body, fucking me as he wanted. We both kept on looking at the guy outsdie the window and he was wanking faster and faster in time with me and steve fucking.

It got a bit much for us both and the next thing was i could feel steves cock twitching in me and him telling me he was cumming. That was enough for me to start cuming as well, as my cunt clamped around his shaft we both shotied out as we had a beautiful orgasm.

I climbed off steve and sat down with my legs open to wipe his love juices from inside me. The peeker was round at my side of the car face close to the window so he could have a good look at my boobs and my wet pussy i was wiping. Steve and i were very hot so i woumd the window a little way down. I saw our dogger friend with his eyes peering through the gap so he could see my naked body in the flesh instaed of through the glass. Beautiful, he said, fucking beautiful. Thanks i replied, havent you cum yet, no not yet he replied.

Steve and i laughed, and steve said go on fi, why not give him a hand. I laughed because i thought steve was joking. But just then steve pushed the electric window button and let the window down. The dogger took the opportunity of putting his head in the car and with one hand started feeling my tits. I looked at steve, and he just smiled, i then noticed he was rubbing his cock which was already half erect.

The dogger played with my tits, then down my stomach to my pussy, the next thing i knew he had 2 fingers up inside me finger fucking me. It did feel rather sexy knowing this stranger was playing with my love hole in front of my hubby. He stood up a bit and opened the car door, as he did so he leant down and sucked at my nipples, sending me into sheer heaven. I felt a hand grasp mine and place it on hi cock. It wasnt the hand of the dogger but of steve, he placed my hand around the strangers cock, and i instantly started wanking it. feeling the whole length of it up and down.. Steve said come on suck my cock as well. He pulled me back so my head was near his cock, which sliped in my mouth. This exposed my cunt to this stranger. He played even more with my hole seeing me cock sucking my husdand. I opened my legs as wide as i could letting him finger me all he likes.

My mind went to my husbands cock as i sucked him, but the next thing i knew was the stranger had sliped forward amd the head of his cock was just entering me. I went to move to stop him, but steve said no let him fuck you, i want to see it, go on please. I stopped struggling as i listened to his words, that pause was enough for our new friend to have suk the full length of his cock in me. He then started fucking away at me, using my cunt hole all he liked he fucked me long and hard. My mouth was salivating over my husbands cock, and my tits were bouncing. The stranger was sucking my nipples a s he fucked me, all of which was enough to start to make me cum, i screamed out you bastards i am cumming fuck me, please fuck me. I gobbled fast on steves cock, and i could feel his cock go rock hard , a sign that he was going to cum, i knew that becuase of sucking him off so many times.

The stranger then moaned out loudly and the next thing i knew i felt him shafting me really fast and hard, sending me into an almighty orgasm. As i started to cum, i could feel the jets of spunk from this stranger enter me, spunking up me deeply. They both shot their load into me, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body.

The dogger pulled out, and as i looked around he had gone, i heard a car engine start up and drive off fast. Steve and i agreed it was a sexy experience, i asked him if he knew who it was, but he said no. We cleaned oursleves up, and ended up fucking again talking about how the guy fucked me, a total stranger. Steve was on top of me fucking away at my very wet cunt hole , unitl he again shot his load up me.

We went home that nite feeling very satisfied. We have done it again since then, and we will tell you what happened soon.