Written by T

14 May 2004

i am a married woman, mid thirties, size 10 firm tits 36c and very firm body. I was at home last week as we had some work being done on the bathroom. I was dressed in a short skirt and skimpoy top, and was doing some business work at home, when the guys turn up, they were both young, Tony at 25 and Lee at 22, both very good looking and muscular. they gave me a long lok, and went to start work, I took them a drink of coffee, and they flirte a bit and at lunchtime I gave them somethiung to eat and a beer. they sat in the kitchen and chatted me up, teling me I was a very sexy girl to be lft alone, I told them i was older than them, and Tony put his hand on my leg and said that I was stunning and would be great to pull. we teased around a bit and I then said that I had to get something from the bedroom, i went into the bedroom and felt very wet, as I was getting myself together, Tony came in and came up behind me and licked my neck amd groped both tits, sayingw e want to fuck you and you want it too. soon my clothes were off, and so wa his, Lee came in and stripped revealing that they both had very big cocks, Tony about 8-9" and lee was 10" and very thick. they licked my body, and kissed me, fingereing me, and licking my shaved pussy, then Tony got on top an fufked me, I had lee's cock in my mouth and they spit roasted me, they both fucked my cunt and arse and they both had blow jobs, they were all over me, and making me scream with pleasure, they were rough bastards but that just made it better. I came loads and had the best sex I had for ages. They went back to work in the bathroom,but i did get fucked by them each day of the week, and on the Friday when they had finished they booked a hotel and we all went out for a night of sex and sex. they bought along two Mates with them, they all treated me like a piece of fuck meat, i was a total lut and loved every second and I told my husband that i was with agirl friend on a hen night. It was a great time, love to repeat it very soon.