Written by Jane

20 May 2004

The one fucking my arsehole shot his spunk but i soon had another fucking cock stuck up it.While i was being fucked pete stuck his cock in my mouth and said dont stop sucking until i fucking spunk down your throat.All 3 spunked me at the same time nearly and as i was alowed to have a rest and a cigarette the spunk was running out of my cunt and arsehole and what bit i did't swallow was dripping off my chin.While i was having my fag they were finger fucking me and rubbing my clit and playing with my tits.When i put my fag out i was pushed onto my back and was being fucked again good and fucking hard too the way i love it.After he shot his spunk in me i had to lay there while they took it in turns to fuck me.By the time they had finished with me i was a right spunky mess and it felt fucking lovely.When i looked at my watch i had been fucked for about 3 hours and would have took more if they had wanted it.Any way after they left pete fucked me again and spunked all over my tits and face.I cant wait to go there again and have another good fucking if the lads are about.