Written by lovetown

3 Jun 2012

Traveling back from Germany I am on the ferry from Calais to Dover, I get a drink while at the bar I am having a flirty chat with the bar lady, bet you love seamen/motion of the ocean/little man in the boat, anyway she was about mid fifty's, attractive, looking good in her P&O uniform, black tights, knee length skirt, white blouse showing off a great pair of tits I ask for another pint "I didn’t want head " I said, maybe you don’t was the reply we both laughed.

I sit down with people I traveled with and I keep catching each her eye’s, she start's to collect glass's and walks past us, I think I overcharged you for you drinks sir, don’t worry I say, it might be a bit because you paid in Euros ok if you come with me? Fine we go to a little room in the corridor along side the bar; we enter the room so how much do you owe me then? Nothing she says I am horny and this doesn’t quite do the trick, she pulls a bullet vibrator from her pocket she turns it on and places it on my nose I can smell her sweetness.

we kiss slowly then passionately hands all over each other I am rubbing her tits and arse her grinding pussy on my thigh rubbing my cock through my jeans I put my hands up her skirt and start to rip her tights I ask if its ok, get on with it she says I make a hole and start to rub her fanny through her knickers feels like she has a nice hairy bush she releases my cock seen bigger she says haven’t we all is my reply we both laugh its nice and thick though.

She sits on her desk and I moved forward wanting to stick my cock up her she is wanking me roughly I rip the tights wider not yet she says I gave you head at the bar now my turn she grabs my head almost forcing me although I was more than willing I love oral

And I am on my knees I pull her knickers to the side and start to kiss and lick her lovely fanny it was hairy but shaved low, after a minute or so she tells me to kiss her so she can taste herself just leave your mouth open she licks in and around my mouth now get back down there I go back down on her for a few more minutes moaning and breathing very loud she stops me.

She push’s me back into a chair and starts to spit and slurp all over my cock I want to put my cock up her soaking cunt I stand up and move into her, rubbing my cock up her slit she stops me once again let me taste myself off your cock she starts to suck harder than before with one hand rummaging around in her desk drawer she pulls out a condom and un with her teeth she begins to roll it down my shaft and it splits bareback it is then.

I slip into her not as loose as I thought we kiss and I squeeze her tits I am off like a train pumping away she tells me to slow down I want to come again she says long slow strokes deep as I can she starts to pull my arse cheeks apart major turn on I am off again hammering away, come in me she says my balls tingle and I am nearly there moaning and panting she begins to shudder I can feel her warmth I start to fill her cunt with spunk she tightens her pussy around my cock we both finish almost together this fucking great siren goes off return to your vehicles please I nearly shit myself a minute earlier I would have lost my erection OK maybe not.

She wipes herself with the ripped tights and gives them to me souvenir she bends down to my cock and gives it a lick I fucking love that taste we sort our clothes out and leave the room not bad she says you to I reply what’s your name again you didn’t give me yours I am not telling you mine a good fuck and we didn’t even know each others names cant wait for next seasons champion league