Written by Rachel

3 Jun 2004

I'm not sure how many of these stories on this site are true but I can assure anyone reading this mine certainly is! I am a 35-year-old married woman from Glasgow. Been married to my husband, John for ten years. In all that time I'd never been unfaithful although there had been opportunities over the years. Not that I'm a stunner or anything but men have always approaved of the way I look. I'm 5ft 6inch tall, long dark hair, green eyes, a curvacious size 14 figure with long legs and 38dd tits.

I'm a mature student at Strathclyde University and we recently completed our final exams. On our last day - only this Tuesday,1st June - we had an end of term girls night out at our students union. I'm not a heavy drinker by habit but allowed myself to be talked into going back to one of the girls houses for a couple more refreshments. I was quite merry but certainly not drunk when I phoned my husband at 12.30 asking him to come pick me up. I instantly sobered up when he reminded me the car was at the garage for its yearly service and wasn't due to be picked up until 10 oclock next morning. My friend Tracy's house was miles from mine and I dreaded to think the cost of a taxi. It was actually my husband who suggested I stay overnight with Tracy. Said he'd come get me when he picked up the car in the morning. Tracy and her husband assured me it was fine. That they had already decided to ask me to stay anyway.

Come 1.00a.m all the other girls had left. I sat with Tracy and her husband, Colin, having a sobering coffee before bed. We'd just about drank up when the doorbell rang. It was Tracy's elder brother Danny. Apparently he'd fallen out with his wife and had come round to sleep in the spare bedroom. The very room now allocated to me for the night. Tracy explained the situation and Danny was more than happy when she offered him the setee for the night.

Tracy gave Danny a quilt and as we headed for bed she took me aside in the kitchen.

'Watch that Danny', she said. 'A right dirty bastard, he is! Always at it behind his wife's back! Thats why he'll be out on his arse tonight!'

I simply laughed off her warning. 'I'm a happily married woman! Anyway...he's much to old for me!' I giggled. Not for a moment taking her warning seriously. Danny was in the late-forties/early-fifties age group. A big stout brute of a man with receding grey-specked hair and thick graying sideburns. Not at all what I'd go for even if I were inclined to stray from my husband. Tracy repeated her warning. Only this time much more adamently.

'I mean it, Rachel! Last time I had a friend stay over, Danny was here! I later found out he screwed her all night! He's terrible with women! He's always going on to Colin about his 'massive dick' and how the woman love it! Just look out for him, thats all! Especially with your bedroom being downstairs and him on the setee next door to you!'

I assured Tracy I'd be fine and we headed off to bed. I undressed and got into bed wearing just my matching black bra and pants. It had been a long day and within minutes I was drifting off into a deep contented sleep. Just as I was about to nod over I was dreamily aware of the bedroom door open and close. I was jolted instantly alert. I lay still on my side facing the wall. I vividly heard his heavy breath and then the gradual pressure of someone sitting on the bottom of the bed. I then heard the familiar click of a cigarette lighter. He was having a ciggy sitting at the bottom of the bed. My mind was in turmoil. The room was eerily lit by the outside streetlights coming in through the open curtained window. But I only opened my eyes a few seconds. I daren't let him know I was awake. My reasoning being that if he thought I was in a deep sleep he'd simply up and leave.

I faked light snoring hoping that would do the trick. To my dismay, Danny edged closer to me. He stubbed out his ciggy on the bedside ashtray and shifted his bulky body along the bed. He moved very slowly. Gradually working his way beneath the quilt. I couldn't move. I simply lay there fully aware of him hugging up, his front against my back. Then it happened. The moment I'd been dreading. His large coarse hand softly touched my shoulder. Then his other hand on my back. Both hands soon working on me. Squeezing and rubbing over my skin. Up over my shoulder, down my back, round my waist, over my tummy, fingers trailing my ribcage, then returning to my shoulders and back. On and on these sweeping manouvres continued, growing ever bolder by the second. A hand now braising over my knickers. Fingers tugging at the thin cotton, yanking them from my buttocks. The other hand etching closer to my bra-cup. His spread palm eventually cupping my tit over my bra. Squeezing tight. All the while he hugged his body closer into me. It was obvious he was totally naked. I felt his huge hard-on press aginst my buttocks. Tracy hadn't been wrong about his cock. Its long thick shape was all to abvious against me. That cock was truly massive. His groping intensified then. As he began grinding that huge prick against my arse his big hands scooped inside my bra cups. He grappled roughly at both my tits, which were admittedly tightly swollen by now. I should have confronted him the moment I knew he was in the room. But it was to late for that now. I was to far gone. Something had happened inside me when those big hands were abusing my body. My cunt was pulsing. My nipples tightly stretched. I had instinctively eased myself round without thinking. Making it easier for him to feel me. Both my bra-cups were now yanked from my tits. Heavy tongue licking, teeth chewing on my massively erect nipples. Wide-open mouth devouring every inch of swollen tit. His hands were now removing my knickers, tugging them abruptly from my arse. One finger, then two inserted up my cunt. A big fat thumb slapping on my clit. All the while I pretended to be in a deep sleep, moaning as though in the grip of some fevered dream. When he lay on top of me and eased his hugely bloated knob-end between my soaked gaped cunt-lips I arched my back and grinded my hips high off the bed, taking every incch of that awesome cock right up my cunt. I expulsed a delerious moan and the screwing began. Hard intense fucking that went on long into the night. Danny sucked and licked all over my body as he cocked my cunt. Sucking my nipples way to the back of his mouth, rolling them between gently clenched teeth, I'd never been screwed like that. I came and came, totally giving myself to this depraved lump of a man like I'd never given myself to any man. Throughout this ordeal I continued to pretend I was in sleep. Acting as though I were in the midsts of some torrid sexual dream. Danny didn't try and wake me. Never once treated me as though I were awake. He simply continued fucking me. Taking it in turn to eat-out my cunt. Feeding frenziedly on my jutted clit. Growling into my cunt-hole each time I came screwing into his mouth. The man literary saturated me in spunk that night. Up my cunt. Over my tits. On my face. Feeding it into my mouth. It was five-thirty when he eventually left my bed. Throughout the ordeal I'd never once admitted my being awake.

I phoned a taxi at six-thirty. Tip-toeing past the snoring Danny on the setee. I didn't care about the cost. There was no way I could face him in the morning. Even if I had pretended to be asleep throughout. I'm dreading meeting Tracy again. It's only been a couple of days and although she did call to make sure I'd got home ok she never mentioned anything about Danny. Hopefully she has no idea of what took place between us. I know it was a total one-off. But I dont regret it for a moment. The fucking was amazing. Absolutely mind-blowing. I'm actually thinking of introducing this little sleep-game with hubby. It was the biggest turn-on of my life!