Written by Jane

4 May 2004

We drank all the wine and we both wanted more sex so we finger fucked each others cunt and arseholes.I said i could do with more than a finger inside me and sue said lay back and i will see what i can do for that hot cunt of yours.The next thing i felt was somthing cold on my cunt and when i looked down sue was trying to get the empty wine bottle up my cunt bottom 1st at that.I said fucking hell sue my cunt wont take that up it and she said it fucking will with a bit of lube on it.She went to her hand bag and got a tube of ky the dirty fucker must have planed this i thought.She smeared my cunt and bottle with it and then started easing it up my cunt.I could not beleive the way my piss flaps parted and the bottle went up me i'd never felt so full and stretched before.Ive been waiting all nite to bottle fuck you you horny bitch said sue and when i finnish you can stick the fucker up my cunt.It was planned and i was bottle fucked the next morning so pete and ken could see my cunt taking it then she fist fucked me after.Pete & ken both fucked my arse & cunt afterwards and thats how the weekend went on until the monday morning.