Written by twinkle

26 Mar 2006

I often read the stories posted on here, they make me very horny and wet and they give me ideas for fantasies as I masturbate. One day, I was off work because the washer had broken down and as I was waiting for the repair man. Ihad been feeling restless and decided to do a bit of reading to put me in the mood for some solo fun leter. When he arrived I showed him to the kitchen and went back to the computer. Often while I am reading I find my hands stroking my breasts and playing with my nipples as I become aroused. On this occaision I was feeling so horny I had not not noticed that he had come from the kitchen and was watching me. I was leaning back in a sexy haze when I felt another two hands playing with my breasts as he whispered that I should let him service me now that he had finished with the washer.

He led me to the bedroom and in seconds we were both naked. I looked down and he had the most beautiful cock I had ever seen, rock hard with a wet, shiny purple head. I want some of that, I said. First things first, you need oiling was his reply. Slowly he massaged oil all over my body, lingering on my tits and pussy. His fingers explored my now wet pussy, teasing my pussy lips and finger fucking me until I moaned with pleasure. Give me some cock, I pleaded. It's all yours baby. I looked at that fabulous cock, I was so hungry! Taking it in my hands I ran my lips over its swollen head tasting precum. Mmmmm, I wanted more! I licked and sucked it taking it deeper and deeper, he started to thrust it in and out fucking my mouth. I could feel it throbbing and I sucked harder until I felt my mouth fill with hot sweet cum.

Your turn for service now baby, he whispered, turning me on my back. I could feel my juices on my thighs as he put his head between my legs. He lapped at my pussy drinking my juice. His tongue teased my hard clit then then pushed inside me. I could feel his tongue thrusting in and out as he tongue fucked me. His hands were under me, squeezing my arse and pushing me into his face. I was in heaven. I could feel my orgasm mounting and I started to shake cumming on his face.

That was great, he said licking his lips, but now for the best bit. Suddenly I felt his hard cock pushing at my pussy, I spread my legs and he pushed it in deeper. Thrusting harder and harder he fucked me until I felt him explode inside me. When he withdrew I licked his cock and sucked it dry, I didn't want to waste any of his tasty cum.

Before he left he said the washer neede replacing but not to as he could then come again!