Written by Anna

28 Aug 2005

Fun at the Sauna

I chatted to a guy called Dave on the phone one evening and, we arranged to meet for the first time outside a sauna club he knew in North London.

Going there I was getting excited wondering if he would be the only guy there. Talking to my partner on the phone and getting him excited too.

When we went in, I was surprised to see, apart from the staff, I was the only woman. Mmmmm.

We got undressed together and went to the jacuzzi. Dave got in first and, as I got in I felt fingers go into my cunt. Three other guys were in there, watching us. The warm water felt good and soon I had two of the other guys squeezing my large tits. Dave by this time had got himself behind me and lifted me up onto his hard cock. It felt great, the warm water made it all slide in easily and I could feel his balls against my arse.

The other two held my tits and rocked me up and down until I felt my cunt filled.

I put my hands out and could feel two more hard cocks , it was wonderful. I wanked them both until one of them had to slide his thick cock into my really wet cunt and finished. The other guys got out, one trying to reduce his swelling.

We got out and put robes on. I left mine open. There were a few other guys sitting as we sat and had a drink and it was great them looking at my body and my opening as I sat down legs apart.

We the went over to the sauna and, as we entered I saw the other two who had been in the jacuzzi, on the bottom left deck and a larger guy on the top right, already getting hot.

As we sat on the bottom right, I felt two fingers go up my arse and I knew I was in for some good fun. I sat and put my knees up and legs apart so the guys opposite could get a good look at my wet hole.

I bent forward to let my tits fall in front of them and sucked two really stiff cocks. I went from one to the other, we were all hot and steamy and they slid into my mouth so easily. I took one lot of spunk then the other. As this was happening, large guy got down and sat beside me and asked Dave if he could have a go at me. He started squeezing my tits hard. Dave lifted me up and sat me down on his ever ready cock. Large guy stood in front of me and pushed me back, opening my legs wider so that he could see Dave's cock in my hole. He bent his legs slightly and pushed his large juicy cock in beside Dave. They pushed me back and forward, using my hot cunt. I felt like a real slag, and they kept calling me slag and saying what a fucking good shag they were getting. It was so good. They stopped and both slid out and Dave pushed his length up my arse, while large guy went straight into my juicy hole.

They bounced me and watched my tits as they both shot into me. Mmmmmmm.

We were all so hot, I was dripping in more ways than one. We showered and relaxed before I went home to share it all with my partner .

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