Written by danger dan

11 Apr 2006

both me and my friend are IT reps which generally involves us traveling all over Britain,anyway a few weeks ago we were both out at some nameless club and we got to talking to these two married women both were bored with there hubbies and we soon got down to talking about sex.Beth the one i was talking to began discreetly rubbing up and down my stiff cock my hand sliding up and down her sexy arse pulling her into me she leaned over and wispered that she wanted to suck me off so we left the club and went down the alley we kissed hard and i could feel her unbuttoning my jeans soon her hot little mouth was sucking hard on my cock, i exploded into her mouth with a shudder. She came back up and told me she wanted me to fuck her i had an empty hotel room so we called a taxi and went back. When we got there we could hear dave fucking her friend from down the corridor we sneaked in and were soon fucking like dogs on my bed. When i woke later i found she had gone and looked over to see daves girl sucking on his his cock slowly movin her head up and down her tight arse bobbing in the air i got up and walked over giving it a slap as i passed she groaned and pushed her srse towards me, i didnt need asked i shoved my cock deep inside her and watched as her body tensed each time i thrust hard into her. She was loving it i started to pump her harder and harederfeeling her arse push onto my cock, i creamed deep inside her arseand watched as my cum leaked out her red arse hole. Dave said something to her and i felt her pull away turn and sit on daves huge purple cock she started jumping up and down on it she leaned forward and sterted sucking me off while dave fucked her. i heard dave groan as he pumped his cum deep into her sopping cunt. We shared her a few more times alternating between fucking and getting sucked off when she eventully asked us to stop she lay back and we watched a huge gob of both our cum slowly seep out her swollen pussy and onto the sheets. Im being honest when i say she had problems walking when she left. She took our number. Pity we wont get to leeds for a few good months. Next week Newcastle here we come.