Written by sexycouple6

3 Dec 2006

During the summer we were on holiday in Peurto de la Dequesa on the Costa Del Sol, it was a really steamy hot August night.

A couple in their late 50’s were sitting on the table next us struck up conversation, I am surprised that Jenny carried on the conversation although the couple were very nice the guy was quite a rough and ready sort of person, very muscled and had a number of tattoos on his arm.

Jenny being the more talkative of the two of us seemed to be getting on well with husband.

They suggested that we went to a place called the Dequesa Bar, we were already quite tipsy before we get there, by 2 pm we were all well gone.

Jenny suggested that rather then get a taxi home Kevin and Cathy should stay at our apartment in the marina, so we all staggered to the apartment.

After a few more brandy’s Cathy passed out and Kevin said I better get her to bed, Jenny showed them to the spare room.

Once in our bedroom I asked Jen if she had a good time.

“Yes, I did. I forgot how fun getting legless can be”

Jen pulled her dress over her head, letting me see her full tits and hard pink nipples.

I noticed her panties were missing. Her dress dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it, kicking her shoes off as she did. She was naked now. My cock was really hard.

“Were are your panties” I asked.

“Do you really want to know what happened?” she grinned down at me.

“You know I do.”

Jen started to tell me that Kevin had removed them in the Dequesa Bar, his hands massaged my legs, and his hand went up and up my legs until it was on my pussy. He removed them and started to finger me, first he used one finger and than two and then three, he finger fucked me in front of you and his wife and only we knew what was happening.

“You have been a really, really bad girl”

Jen giggled “yes I have, I was gagging for it”

“Did you want him to fuck you?”

With that Jen lifted one foot onto the bed and spread her legs, pushing her crotch inches from my face.

I was staring at her pussy, it was soaking wet.

“That’s how much I wanted him to fuck me” she whispered

I leaned forward and licked her clit as my finger moved slowly in her steamy pussy.

“Ahhh,” she moaned, her knees starting to buckle.

I sat up and slid off the bed, guiding her down. She sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back, pulling her legs toward her chest with her knees spread wide. I knelt in front of her and looked at her finger fucked pussy. Jen was oozing juice from her open pussy down to her asshole. I followed the trail with my finger, down her pussy lips and between her cheeks. I put my hands on her thighs and leaned down to find her clit with my tongue.

She gasped when she felt me lick her, and then began a steady moaning as I slipped my tongue into her hot pussy and around her swollen lips before flicking her clit again. She was cupping her tits, gently squeezing and rubbing the nipples as I ate her. My cock was drooling, aching to feel her pussy squeezing it. I raised up and pulled my pants off, then leaned over her. My cock found her open pussy and I sank into her, grinding my pubes against her clit. She rocked against me, pulling her legs open even further to get me as deep as she could. I held still, loving the feel of her pussy, throbbing and milking my cock. I kissed and nipped her neck as I slowly fucked her, letting my lips move from her neck to her nipples and back.

I wanted to cum, and then Jen began to cum.

“Ohhh, mmmmmm, yeahhhhh,” she grunted out.

Her body began to shake all over I heard Jen shouting out loud "God, Jesus, yes fuck, god, fuck, ooohhhh yesssssss" I feel so fucking animal.

I couldn’t hold it any longer, and felt my cum rocket out of my balls and into her pussy.

She collapsed onto me, my softening cock slipping out of her. She kissed me and whispered, “That was I needed “

I turned over in the morning and noticed that Jen was not in the bed, as I came around I could hear a moaning noise, the noise that Jen makes when she is being fucked.

I get up and walked into the hall way and the patio door leading to the balcony was open, I sneaked up and looked out, I was shocked Jenny was laying naked on the floor, her hips bucking up and down with Kevin between her thighs. I could see his lips glistening with her pussy juices. Kevin stood up and looked down at Jen’s attractive naked body. She was breathing heavily as she slowly came down from her sexual high.

Kevin stood up, he took of his underwear. I saw Jen give out an involuntary gasp. Kevin stood still as Jen ogled him. He had quite a fit and athletic body with numerous tattoos over his back and arms. He turned around, no doubt checking to see that no one was around, he was erect, and he must have been at least nine maybe even ten inches long with a very thick girth.

"Suck it," said Kevin.

Jen regained her composure and sat up. She wrapped her hand around his thick shaft and pushed back his foreskin as far as possible, which appeared to make his cock even bigger. She started to slide her hands all over him.

"Suck it," Kevin said again.

Jen leaned forward and started to lick at the dark pink head of his cock. She slowly slid his cock into her mouth. Jen allowed herself to use a free hand to fondle his balls the other she used to feel his body.

Kevin was moaning and arched his back as she sucked him, she took as much of his length into her mouth as possible. Kevin was verbally encouraging her to suck his cock and Jen was starting to suck harder and faster.

Kevin eventually withdrew his cock from her mouth.

He told Jen to lie on the floor. She stretched herself out on the floor and he moved above her. I could see their bodies glistened with sweat. He leaned over and kissed her. He nuzzled her neck, then her tits. I could see his erect cock brushing her pussy. He gently pushed the tip of his cock into her streaming wet pussy.

Jen looked up at him "Be gentle, your very large down there".

I don’t think Kevin was a guy who knew the word gentle, I was right when he thrust his cock it Jen in one push. Jen screamed, he stopped and looked into her eyes.

“That’s not what I call gentle “They both smiled.

Jen's smile turned into a cry of pleasure, as Kevin started to thrust in and out of her, and her moans became louder and louder between gasps for breath. Kevin eased gently into her and now his cock was buried deep inside her. They started to rock together rhythmically.

Her pussy juices flowed as he slid his cock in and out of her again and again. Jen moved her hands and squeezed his buttocks and pressed her fingernails into the cheeks. Wrapping her legs around him she was urging him to fuck her. She was begging him to fuck her harder.

He was readily obliging thrusting very fast and very aggressively. Jen could not suppress her cries of sheer sexual pleasure nor did she try. Her body seemed to convulse uncontrollably as Kevin pumped, his own grunts were drowning out by Jen's cries.

Kevin seemed close to ejaculation and after a final few thrusts withdrew his cock.

Pulling on his cock he spurted out a thick jet of spunk that splashed across Jen's breasts and as far up as her neck. Still playing with his cock he quickly moved beside her, cum still spurting from his cock and splashing down on to her arm and body. He leant across to allow his remaining cum to spill across her breasts. Jen shuffled downward and grabbed his cock, fresh sperm falling over her face as she moved to take his length into her mouth.

His body still jerked as cum oozed into her mouth. His moans were louder than hers as she milked his cock dry. She used both hands to smear his spunk over her breasts and nipples.

I could see Jen looking down, her whole body seemed to shine with copious amounts of spunk and beads of sweat.

Jen pulled Kevin close to her. They were both panting and breathing heavily as they both came down from what must have been a wonderful, mutually satisfying experience.

I heard Jen whisper "Thank you,”

He pulled her close to him and held her tightly in his arms as if to concur with her comment. They lay there a little time.

He stood up, ready to go, until Jen stopped him.

"Use that magic tongue on me again," Jen asked.

He sat back down and slowly worked his tongue over her whole body. He moved down and slid his tongue along her inner thighs, teasing her before sliding his tongue inside her. She placed her hands on the back of his head burying his face into her sodden pussy. Her moans of passion and sheer lust grew louder and louder. She was thrashing her head from side to side enveloped in another orgasm. Her shrieks of pleasure where probably heard in the surrounding flats but neither of them seemed to care. They were both sexually charged and exploding.

Jen rolled over and sat straddling him. She took hold of his cock stroking his shaft with both hands. She started to slowly masturbate him. She used his penis tip to tease her clit. I could see that it was rock hard again.

Kevin was revelling in the pleasure. His eyes open, ogling her body and watching her expressions. She used her free hand to fondle and play with his balls.

Then Jen slammed down impaling herself on his full length. She continued bouncing up and down on him. They were both moaning loudly. He roughly fondled her breasts pulling and tugging at her nipples. She ran her hands over his chest.

She slammed down hard again and again on his cock, when Kevin stopped fondling her tits they where bouncing up and down.

Kevin let out a grunt, and shouted something like “take that load” no doubt he shot his spunk deep inside her unprotected pussy. At that Jen started to climax, I was shocked to see her whole body shaking as she was climaxing and screaming that she had never been so full in her life, through all of this Kevin just kept pumping and then Jen collapsed and sprawled herself across his body, looked at him, thanked him again and their lips locked for a prolonged kiss.

Jen was laying on top of him. Her breasts pushed against his chest. I could see his massive cock resting against her thigh. She eventually rolled off him to his side. Jen cuddled up to him and he wrapped his arms around her.

I went back to bed it was 5.30 now, about an hour later I heard Jen moans and Kevin’s grunts again. I just layed there with the vision of Jen being fucked.

The door opened I made out I was asleep and looked over at the clock it was 8 am, this guy been fucking her for some 4 hours!!!.

Jen slipped into the bed and not long after was letting out soft contented sighs as she slept. Curious I pulled the sheets back, I was even more shocked as there was a pool of spunk in front of her and if I wasn’t mistaken a tickle running out of her arse.