Written by sbule

11 Oct 2006

Reading a couple of stories on here reminds of a few adventures we have had in the car. My wife (40) has a prudish and innocent public persona but when she has had a couple of drinks she can loosen up, and quite a bit on the odd occassion. On one such occassion we were travelling home around 10PM and it was dark out. We had been for a couple of drinks and she said she was feeling frisky so I suggested she played with herself while we drove home and keep me entertained.

She was wearing loose fitting tracksuit bottoms and a matching sweat shirt with bra and pants underneath. I asked her to flash me her tits while we were driving along and this she did, She first removed her bra and then pulled up her shirt. I then asked her to play with her fanny and masturbate so I could see. This she seemd happy to do and she reclined her chair and closed her eyes. I asked her to pull her tacksuit bottoms down to her ankles and again she did this without hesitation.

She was really getting into getting herself off and as she was doing this we were coming alongside a lorry but as she had her eyes close she did not see and I said nothing. I slowed a little as we got alongside and he could see right in. I found it incredibly horny that another guy was having a good look at my wifes open legs and fanny while she had sveral fingers inside herself and was furiously wanking her clit. While she was doing this I bravely pulled her top up and exposed her tits so he could see her near fully naked body. I was trembling with excitement and found it incredibly horny. I think she had a small orgasm and stopped playing with herself so I sped up a bit and got past the lorry.

I told her about the lorry driver and just then he started flashing his lights so she knew I was telling the truth.

She went all bashfull and was clearly embarassed but was laughing all the same so I knew she wasnt too mad with me. We had great sex later and she seemed to enjoy me calling her a big slut. She has since let me take pictures of her and post them on various internet sites. She is definately getting hotter and has even stipped completely while in the back seat of the car driving travelling along at night (we have dark tinted windows) but you can still see in to some extent.

Life gets better..!!