Written by dave

15 May 2006

Steph is my sexy wife. She is 35, blonde size 10, with a 34d cup and the perfect arse.

Last week, during the hot weather, she was at the bottom of our garden sunbathing, sitting on the porch of our summer house. As is usual she was topless, exposing her beautiful tits to the sun, whilst reading her book. I was just finishing the decorating in our sons room, which is about 400ft away. Our next door neighbour Don is in his late 60s and a right pain in the arse. He is always borrowing things, very nosey and to be honest a right miserable git. His wife died last year and he is a bit of a loner.

Anyway, whilst looking out of the window, I could see Don cutting his grass and pruning his shrubs. Nothing really unusual there, I thought and carried on painting. When I looked up again, I could see Don on his knees, looking around guiltily, and holding open a small gap in our hedge. Directly in his line of vision was Steph, who oblivious to his attention, was reading. I quickly picked up my phone and dialled Stephs mobile number.

"You've got an audience" I said and told her not to look up but guided her sunglasses covered eyes to where Don was kneeling. She said that it was difficult to see but she thought she could make out his shape through the hedge. "Dirty old git" she said, as she focused on him. I suggested that she might like to catch him out, but she said she had a better plan and put the phone down. She placed her book down and carelessly laid back, watching him as she did so. I could see that he was now leaning forward and almost had his head through the hedge! She gently picked up her sun oil and poured it into her hands. She then started to massage the oil into her perfect 34d's, paying particular attention to her ample nipples, which by past performance would be hard as bullets by now.

After about a minute or so, I can see that Don is clearly enjoying his view. He is openly rubbing his cock through his trousers, then he looks around suspiciously before getting back to the hedge. In the meantime, Steph has sat up and got out of the sun lounger and has walked through the double doors of the summerhouse. She is still clearly visible, but is standing looking into the full length mirror. She makes a play of checking her face and skin, before turning around and pushing her arse towards the mirror as if checking herself over. She runs her hands over her body slowly, keeping herself facing the doors, before slowly and very provacatively undoing her bikini bottoms and sliding them to the floor. Don nearly falls through the fence at this point, in his eagerness to see more. He shiftily looks around before lowering his trousers and starts to wank himself off.

Steph is now sitting on the bench seat, with her legs wide apart, fully exposing her beautiful pussy. She holds her pussy lips apart and gently caresses herself, slipping fingers into her wet hole, but all the while watching Don, who is now openly standing next to the hedge for a better view. Again I phone her mobile, which she picks up. "You're giving a great show, how you gonna finish off?" "Get the binoculars" she says "and you'll see". I quickly retrive the binoculars and focus on her. She tells me to watch her but be ready. She is now right by the doors, legs splayed, opening wanking herself as our 68 years old neighbour watches over the hedge, only 20 feet away. He is now going for it at all costs and seems eready to explode.

At this point Steph quickly stands up and puts he bikini bottoms back on and walks out of the summer house straight towards Don. She stares right at him and doesn't give him a chance to get away. "Hi Don" she says, tits swinging freely in the bright sunshine, she said he mumbled something back but she did not hear it. She walks straight up to him as, from his side of the fence he cums with an explosion, all up his side of the hedge. She reaches to the floor and picks up a dogs ball from the ground looking through the fence as she does so, at his surprisingly large cock staring straight back at her oozing juice from its end. "I think this is your dogs" she says and she passes the ball back to him over the fence. Well that is it. Cum shoots up into the air, almost leaping the hedge as Steph stands and holds a conversation with him for 30 seconds as he continues to blow.

Steph then walks back up to the house, where I meet her in the kitchen, and tell her how he had just cum all over his trousers and was limping back up to the house. She laughed at his predicament, and commented that its his own fault for spying. Just as she is about to walk away, I call her back and kiss her gently, before wiping a slither of cum from the side of her arm.

"Maybe he had the last laugh after all" I said, as she went off to wash......