Written by Ryan

4 Jul 2005

This year I got a new job as a junior caretaker in a secondary school. The school took children on trips overseas and this summer one of the men teachers who was going on the trip to France had to drop out at the last minute. The deputy head was organising the trip and she asked me if I had a passport and if I would go as it was a bit last minute and the other men teacher's weren't that keen to go. I am on my own, with no family and a few days in France looked better than what I usually did, so I said I would go.

When I got on the coach at school, there were eighteen students going and the deputy head who speaks French. I can't speak a word of it, but she told me I wouldn't need to. We got to our hotel and the kids all went to their rooms to unpack. They didn't seem to be behaving too badly but I think they had picked the well behaved ones to go on the trip. The deputy head who was called Jennifer and I had a drink in the bar before the kids arrived for their dinner and then after dinner, the kids went off to their rooms and we stayed in the bar and had a few more drinks.

I had never fancied Jennifer as she is quite a bit older than me and she is the deputy head as well as being married, so I just chatted to her and had a few drinks. That sort of became the pattern while we were there. During the day we went on the coach and took the kids to where they had to go and in the evenings we sat in the bar and had a drink or two. All quite innocent really.

On the night before we came home, the bloke who owned the hotel and his wife joined us in the bar and brought a couple of bottles of wine with them. I have never been that good on wine, I can drink beer Ok, but wine seems to go to my head a bit and we seemed to drink quite a few more than the two bottles. Jennifer went up stairs to check that the kids were all in bed and asleep and then we carried on having more wine.

The bar had only us in it and the hotel owner wanted to shut up for the night, so we bought another bottle and took it up to my room where we started to drink it.

Jennifer asked if I minded her being in my room and I just said it wasn't often I had an attractive woman drinking wine with me in a hotel room. I was a bit pissed, but although she is quite a bit older than me, she isn't too bad looking. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a strappy top and it didn't take much imagination to see her boobs bouncing about. She must have seen me looking as she asked me why a bloke my age would want to look at her boobs. I was a bit embarrassed about getting caught looking, so I told her that they looked pretty good to someone of any age and I hoped I hadn't offended her.

She laughed and told me that she had noticed me looking several times and she was quite flattered that a younger bloke like me would find her attractive. I don't quite remember what I said, as I had had quite a few glasses of wine, but she certainly didn't seem to mind. A one point I asked her if she ever wore a top like that without a bra and she said that she would if anyone asked her to. I said, Go then, take your bra off.

She went into my bathroom and a few seconds later came back with her black bra in her hand and her boobs bouncing all over the place. They were still in good shape and I started to get quite turned on which she obviously noticed because she made a comment. I've had quite a few girls but they have all been my own age and I wasa bit unsure of where to go with an older married woman who was my boss. I didn't know if she was just teasing me or if she actually wanted it.

She asked me what I thought of her boobs without a bra and I said I could,be sure as she still had her top on. She pulled it over her head and sat on the end of my bed totally topless. My dick was certainly giving the game away that I found her attractive. I told her she had a good figure and I wouldn't mind seeing more of it. She stood up and took her jeans off, so she was just wearing a small black thong. She was in good shape.

I took my shirt off and moved over to where she was sitting. As I stood in front of her, she undid the belt onmy jeans and unzipped them. As my jeans fell down to the floor to took my now hard dick out of my boxers and began to play with it until it was solid. She said she hadn't felt one that hard in ages and began to suck it.

It couldn't get any harder and I didn't want to cum, so I moved back a bit and kneeled down on the floor between her legs. She opened her legs and I slid her thong off. I began to give her a good sucking and I could feel that she was soaking wet and ready for it. I stood up and moved my dick towards her as she sat on the bed. She layed back down with her legs open and I pushed my dick between her pussy lips and started to have her. She wrapped her legs round me and pulled me into her as she started to pump harder. It wasn't long before we both came. I tried to pull it out as I didn't have a condom, but she didn't care and made me cum inside her.

She went off to the bathroom and cleaned up and when she came back she started to suck me again. I have always been able to manage a few times and it wasn't long before I was hard again. She seemed a bit surprised and said her husband could only get it up once a day if she was lucky. When it was hard again, I laid on the bed and she got on me and we did it again.

I don't know how many times we did it, but she reckoned she was sore the next moring as she hadn't done it like that for years. In the moring it was back to her being the deputy head again and we haven't done it since. Just a one off I suppose, but a lot of fun.