Written by Ray

19 Jan 2004

I worked in usa for 6 years and had a ball. The women there are so easy and willing to experiment. I met a guy through work and his wife was a model for all sorts of companys. I met her and she was stunning and forward. She eyed me up everytime we met and was very open about sex and what she liked almost as if she was telling me to come on fuck me.

Through work i met alot of interesting people and got into some swinging groups as well even though I was not attached they all wanted me at there partys. I met one guy and girl who were really into everything, he got turned on watching his gf having her tits sucked and licked by other men, he paid for her to have a tit job, he would wank and watch and then come.

As time went on i would just go along to the partys and look but one night one girl imparticular caught my eye she was a babe. She had a fantastic figure and massive natural tits. she came in with two black guys who were more like body builders, she had not been at the party long before she was on her knees and giving some guy a blow job in the corner with the black guys watching over her. The partys were interesting so I decided to see how far I could get with this babe.

She sucked of the guy and he come all over her face, she then stood up and walked away. I stood in her way and she looked at me in a way to say "yeah " I smiled and said hi, she then barged past and sat down with her legs crossed. The black guys followed her everywhere, then she was over to a girl and lad in a nother corner and while watching her close, she was kissing the girl and the lad was fucking the babe from behind, again the black guys were there at her side but this time looking around the room. This never lasted long she pulled down her skirt and carried on.

She never did come over to me must of not been interested in me. But altogether she fucked 4 guys and licked 1 womens pussy until she come then left the party with her minders behind.

Now im back in the uk and swinging partys are not the same.