Written by naughtygurl

6 Feb 2006

I don't know where to start really except for the day I started work part-time at the local Post Office. I had always been a good girl, keeping myself to myself and staying with the same boyfriend who was a couple of years older than me. It came as a huge surprise just what a dirty little slut I really was! I had been looking for a local part-time job to supplement my income whilst studying at college. My boyfriend knew the postmaster and and after speaking to him I was offered a part-time job. The postmaster Mr Harris, was a balding, overweight man, about 5'6", in his late sixties. He had all but retired from the postal service but still ran the shop, dealing with the newspapers, magazines, and stationary orders. My first afternoon passed quite quickly, I had listened carefully and learnt alot, although the fact that Hr Harris couldn't keep his eyes off my young, firm tits and insisted on passing comments on the explicit photos in the top shelf mags showing me page after page, made me feel a bit flushed!

It was 6.30pm and I was about to leave. Mr Harris stopped me and went on to say what a good girl I was and how well I had done on my first day. All the time he was talking, his hand was patting my pert little bottom. I didn't like to say anything because he was my boss and it was my first day. What surprised me was how I was responding to this dirty old mans hands fondling my bottom! I could feel my pussy tingling and my clit swelling as his fondling became more firm and his fingers more grasping. I tried to be subtle, pushing my arse out very slightly and parting my legs inviting his fingers further. I could feel his fingertips through the material of my panties, fondling my clit and entering my tight, wet hole. My nipples became erect and Mr Harris smiled as he appreciated the view through my blouse. "I'll see you tomorrow afternoon" he smiled and spanked my bottom as he opened the door. I walked home with a soaking wet pussy, shocked at how much I'd enjoyed the old perverts fingers fondling my arse and pussy and how much I had wanted his stiff old cock inside me.

"Everything go alright at work?". My boyfriend was sitting on the settee waiting for me. "Yeah fine" I replied.

"Mr Harris treat you well?" I paused at this and wondered what he meant but uickly dismissed the thought.

"Yes, he was really nice,I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!".